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The acrostic winner is…

A big ‘thank you’ to all who celebrated the release of Love Trumps Logic with me by entering an acrostic in my contest. There were many, many wonderful entries, which made it impossible for me to judge them by myself. I enlisted the help of 8 friends, and the 9 of us picked our top three choices. It was close, with the winner, Lisa Richardson, getting 5 votes. Congratulations, Lisa! Here is her acrostic:

How much I’ve loved,

Opened my heart,

Memories caught in my hands.

Emotions ebb and flow,

One of us has left here far too soon.

Passing the time until we meet again,

All the moments of our lives,

Tangled in each other’s hearts.

How do I continue on alone?

Yet love remains, whispering to my heart.
—-by Lisa Richardson

I’d also like to mention those that got 4 votes each:










—by Autumn Bosch

Help me,

O my blessed Saviour

My soul is so weary.

Each day as I wake,

Only You can refresh me

Please look my way

And bless me today.

Thank you for Your love;

Happily I serve You.

Your love endures forever!
—by Sherry Myers

Her yearning found completion in my own

Our needs were gratified when needs were fresh

My like was cured by like, the marriage known

Enjoying supple joints and well-toned flesh.

On quarter of a century we’ve slowed

Perhaps you’d think this stillness disappoints

A stream diluted where once torrents flowed

This farce of drooping flesh and failing joints.

How can our love endure this graciously?

Yet blood, like water, has a memory.
—by Brian Martin



Meeting place, a place where

Evening meets twilight, crosses, plays

On the deck, shielded by

Persimmon trees, their sour-but-soon-to-be-sweet fruit

Ages, tempts our appetites, even as we kiss.

This is the moment, the time;

Here is an opportunity to love;

You have only to meet me here, hungry.
—by Trish Lindsey Jaggers

Lisa, please send your mailing information to me so that I can send you your prize. You can send it to lucy@lucybalch.com.
Thanks again to everyone!!

Lucy Balch
Love Trumps Logic, from Second Wind Publishing


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