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Linda Lindsly, author and illustrator

image           “Pia Pucknucker And The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure” is finally out!  I am still waiting for my hardcovers to arrive. In the meantime, my creative flow is stalling. I’ve been traveling a lot this month and I just got back from my trip to New Hampshire where my husband, Joe and I went on a vacation. The autumn leaves were so vivid and colorful it left us speechless! We also went on a three hour murder mystery train ride. It included a five course dinner. It was fabulous!  Back in the day, when I used to do plays and theatre, I also did murder mysteries.(You did’nt know I was actress, did you?). Well, I was but I haven’t done theatre in ages. My memorization skills are a bit rusty. This time I’m in the audience and I get to eat!  Now that this trip has ended I can hopefully get unpacked and relax.  Maybe this va-cay was just what I needed to get my creative flow back.


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