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Pseudo Allergies by Sherrie Hansen

Golden Rod - lighthouse

… Just one reason why late summer is the perfect time to read Golden Rod, my latest Wildflowers of Scotland novel.

Golden Rod

When I first chose to name my new book Golden Rod, I had a flurry of people tell me that they were allergic to goldenrod, and associated  the flower with sneezing and feeling like their head was going to explode.

Golden Rod bird

My research shows that allergies to goldenrod are very rare, since it is not airborne, and that people who suffer allergy symptoms this time of year are more likely affected by ragweed, which blooms at the same time.

Golden Rod - JD

Although I can truly promise you nothing by pleasant sensations if you read Golden Rod, this brings me to a related topic – why some of you think you are allergic to reading romance novels. Here are some of the reasons I hear from romance reading skeptics:

Golden Rod 2016 a

Fallacy #1:  Romance novels are for women. I’m a guy.

My Response:  Don’t let my flowery titles fool you. My novels all have two perspectives, two point of view voices – one male and one female. My books are not about women living in a fantasy world – they’re about men and women struggling along in a very real world. Their differing attitudes, perspectives, feelings, needs and approaches to problem-solving provide my books with stimulating conflict, movement within the plotlines, and differences of opinion. I’ve had many men tell me how much they enjoyed my books, and one couple who even argued over who got to read it first.

Golden Rod 2017

Fallacy #2:  Romance novels are shallow, dumbed down versions of the literary novels I enjoy.

My Response: A reviewer who’s a very intelligent mathematician called my novels “the thinking women’s romance.” Doctors, lawyers, and professors have written telling me they enjoyed my books. My characters are complex and my novels include complicated situations and scenarios worthy of readers who like books that stimulate their intellect and emotions.

Golden Rod Cattails

Fallacy #3:  I like action and adventure novels, thrillers and mysteries.

My Response: Today’s romance novels can and do include all of the above. My books have included murders, sex-crimes, scams, thefts, kidnappings, and all kinds of deceitful goings on. They also include romance, but love definitely isn’t the only thing between the covers (no pun intended).

Golden Rod Flood Bay 2016

Fallacy #4:  Romance novels are full of graphic sex scenes.

My Response: I’ve written on this topic previously. Some of my books have love scenes and some don’t. When love scenes are included, they’re not gratuitous, they’re there for a reason. They’re a necessary part of the plot. They’re also sweet, tender and satisfying. Sometimes, they’re even humorous. And just like real life, lovemaking is rife with consequences.

Golden Rod Ely

Fallacy #5:  Romance novels are filled with overly dramatic, shirtless bodybuilders and low-bodiced, big-busted heroines who I can’t relate to.

My Response:  My books are set in modern times and my characters are as real as you are. Some are good-looking, others not. They have flaws and frustrations and quirks just like all of us do. That’s what makes them so lovable and most importantly, believable.

GoldenRod 2016

So let me recommend this trusted cure for allergies. Expose yourself to just a little bit, then, gradually a little more, until your discomfort disappears. I’d be delighted if you’d try just one of my Wildflowers of Scotland novels, and Golden Rod is a great place to start. If you like it, you can read more.  Hopefully, you will find that you enjoy my romantic suspense novels.

Golden Rod Flood Bay 2017

What have you got to lose? Enjoy the goldtones of late summer, and don’t be afraid to read a new book or a new author.

Golden Rod shore

You’ll find beauty in all kind of unexpected locations.



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July 10th: Third Quarter Moon Day! Mysteries Abound – Grab One From Second Wind Publishing!

July 10 Last or third quarter moon. The moon is still a mystery despite our travels to that glowing night orb. Celebrate mysteries with a book from Second Wind Publishing!

An Altar by the River by Christine Husom
Book III of the Winnebago County Series

The death wish of a young man unveils disturbing activities of a hidden cult and the cover-up of an old shooting death case. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department race to find the man with a fatal mission before the cult does. Who will find him first?
Other books by Christine Husom: Buried in Wolf Lake and Murder in Winnebago County

She Had to Know by Coco Ihle

Two sisters, separated by adoption, find each other and embark on a terrifying journey of discovery. Who is after them? The sisters are about to discover the secret a mysterious murderer will kill to protect. But, will the discovery save them?


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July 9th: Happy Sugar Cookie Day! Eat a Cookie, Read a Second Wind Book!

July 9th is Sugar Cookie Day. Enjoy a delicious sugar cookie! Satisfy your sweet tooth and your mind with a book from Second Wind Publishing. Need some ideas? How about these:

The Phantom Lady of Paris by Calvin Davis

Paul Lasser meets the mysterious Bonnie Silver on his sojourn to the City of Light. The answers he discovers about this Phantom Lady only raise more questions. Will Paul regret opening one door too many?

Donations to Clarity by Noah Baird
Bigfoot is real! Meet Harry, Earl and Patch, three doper friends who perpetrate a scam with hilarious twists and turns and more problems than the three friends could ever have imagined.


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July 7th: Happy Chocolate Day from Second Wind Publishing! Chocolate and Romance Reading: The Perfect Combo

July 7th is Chocolate Day – Chocolate is a vegetable from the cacao tree. Hey, if it means you can eat more chocolate with less guilt, go for it. Here’s another guilt-free idea: romance books from Second Wind Publishing

🙂 🙂 🙂

Fate and Destiny by Claire Collins

Destiny. Left for dead and found by Andrew’s dog, she brings mystery, danger and passion into Andrew’s life as he waits out a blizzard in his mountaintop cabin. As Andrew and Destiny ignite each other, Andrew’s fate becomes entwined with Destiny.

Also from Claire Collins: Images of Betrayal

🙂 🙂 🙂

Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

The Spanish call it “quinceanera” a girl’s 15th birthday.  Gabriella Deza, innocent daughter of a nobleman in 1739 St. Augustine, Florida, finds herself caught up in international intrigue and romance far beyond her years.

Also from Dellani Oakes: Lone Wolf

🙂 🙂 🙂

Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings by J. Conrad Guest

Backstop. He’s the catcher you cheer when he delivers and boo when he doesn’t. Follow Backstop as he plays the most important game of his career and fights to win back the heart of the woman he loves more than the game.

Also by J Conrad Guest: January’s Thaw and One Hot January

🙂 🙂 🙂

Hand-Me-Down Bride by Juliet Waldron

Based upon the story of the author’s great grandmother, who was a real life mail-order bride. Sophie agrees to marry a wealthy man she’s never met—but life has other plans.

🙂 🙂 🙂



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