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Erin go bragh

On this eve of St. Patrick’s Day, many of our family, friends and acquaintances, whether of Irish descent or not, are thinking about how they will commemorate the occasion. The best part about St. Patrick`s Day is that everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or where you came from.

Here, north of Quebec City, we have a great little contingent of Irish descendants, most particularly in a little town aptly named Shannon. This past weekend I attended the 50th anniversary edition of the Shannon Irish Show, a show I’ve enjoyed all of my life. The enormous homegrown talent of residents, past and present, was once again on display.

Irish show pins

It amazes me how there can be so many talented people born and raised in such a small community.  Whether they’re singers, musicians, or dancers – or any combination of the above – they’re clearly blessed. And those of us with no musical talent in the least are blessed to be able to watch and enjoy their performances.

Having married into an Irish family from Shannon, most of my in-laws were up on stage or working behind the scenes to help bring the show to life. This year, I was particularly proud of my 85-year-old mother-in-law, center stage, returning to join a group of singers with whom she had been active over much of the 50 year history of the show. Her three daughters were on stage with her along with a dozen or so other singers and musicians. In other acts, I had a niece who sang beautifully, others who danced, a nephew doing a skit, and some cousins who had the audience on their feet, cheering and clapping. What a wonderful heritage!

The next day, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s recent birthday with another party, which of course included more Irish singing, and appropriately enough, the first song was entitled ‘At McCarthy’s Party’, a big favorite.

I haven’t been to Ireland yet (notice the ‘yet’), but I know that the Irish are warm and welcoming people with a talent and a love for music. How do I know this? Because I see proof of it so often in my everyday life. The traditions and the love of their heritage continues to be passed down through the generations.


So, on that note…May the road rise to meet you, and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all.


A.J. McCarthy is the author of Betrayal, published by Indigo Sea Press.


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Lucky Charms…

No, I’m not talking about cereal today (though I do love a good bowl of that marshmallowy goodness), I’m talking about real good luck charms, and what you can do to improve your luck in a few areas of your life!

This week’s issue of Woman’s World magazine has a whole spread on this particular topic, but I’m going to choose the three lucky charms that I think are most accessible…

1) Create Harmony with a Rainbow!
“When the vibrant colors of a rainbow pass through the eye, they trigger the release of hormones thatcorrect imbalances in your body, which, in turn, can pump up your energy, calm you and ease any pain you might be feeling,” says certified color therapist Leah Bruns. 

Well, rainbows aren’t just popping up in the sky everyday, so create your own! Hang a crystal in your window, and according to the Irish, you’ll be blessed with good luck every time light creates a prism in your home!

2) Attract Money with Greenery!
I think everybody would like a little more of this stuff! The Irish tuck shamrocks and clovers into their lapels or hats to receive blessings all year long. And in Feng Shui, it is believed that basil plants and bamboo shoots boost wealth for their owners. Plenty of studies prove that “seeing greenery boosts optimism, confidence and concentration – all three keys to success – by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.” (Which, by the way, is what causes us to hang on to excess belly fat, so having greenery in your house is a two-for-one!)



3) Get Happy with a Fountain!
Inviting positive energy into your home is as easy as putting a little (or big, if you want) fountain by the front door. According to Feng Shui, it draws “good spirits and gladness to you.”

“The sound of rushing water lulls you into a state of relaxation, while the water droplets produce negative ions in the air, molecules that are study-proven to trigger the release of feel-good serotonin in the brain!”

So, on your shopping list this week, make sure you have Crystal, Green Plant and Fountain! Then sit back and watch the good times flow 🙂




Jerrica Knight-Catania is the author of A Gentleman Never Tells and
More than a Governess, both available now from Second Wind Publishing!

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