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If You Can by Harry Margulies

Beautiful Black Labrador Puppy DogSometimes when they dream their paws start to twitch,
Where is it they’re running? What is it they wish?
Maybe they’re chasing a squirrel or mouse,
Maybe they’re trotting home, back to their house.


But what if they had nowhere to run,
Those tiny paws trembling from fear, not from fun.
The smallest things scare them, if only they knew,
They’ll take what they’re given, that’s all they can do.


Guarding TogetherSomeone will love them, that’s what we say,
Let’s leave them behind, get on with our day.
You’ll be fine, pups and kitties, you’ll be fine, just you see,
Someone will take you – it just won’t be me.

three kittens striped tabby isolatedBut more often than not they don’t end up fine,
Their life not a book, but barely a line.
They don’t understand why there’s no one to love,
Why they don’t get a chance, why they can’t find a hug.

Bulldog lying on wood floor.
Unconditional love, it’s so hard to find,
There’s always a catch, I hope you don’t mind.
But that’s what you’ll get if you give them a home,
Unquestioning love that won’t leave you alone.
It will be there all day, you don’t have to ask,
Their love is a pleasure, it’s never a task.

6CatIf you don’t have the time or the love or the space,
It’s not fair to adopt them, just leave them in place.
But if there is a spot in your family this season,
Please make a commitment, listen to reason.

And then when you notice their paws start to twitch,
You’ll know that they’re happy,
You’ve granted their wish.

If you can

* * *

Harry Margulies is the author of The Knowledge Holder and the soon to-be-released The Weight of the Moon. When he’s not writing about romance, money, women and other subjects he thoroughly enjoys but knows nothing about, he’s frittering his precious time as a cartoonist.


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Fluffy nonsense


I realized something recently. My upcoming novel, Love Trumps Logic, doesn’t have a single dog or cat in it—which is odd, coming from someone who cannot live without pets.

I should clarify and admit that I cannot live without a cat, since I so thoroughly relate to their sunbathing and pleasure-seeking ways. I even went so far as to taste 9 Lives when I was five to see what my darlings liked so much about it. (My mother fed the feral cats in the neighborhood and put out a large daily platter of the stuff.) For the record, I still remember that tasting and will never understand why cats like it so much. In that instance, we are not alike.

My first dog was adopted eight years ago after I found a teddy-bearish mutt in the median of a highway. I had avoided dog ownership until then because it equaled restriction in my mind (and still does), but my daughter wanted a dog and it felt right to give the rain-drenched runaway a home. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with his big paws, his “please give me love” eyes, the tail that wags if I just look at him, and his assorted sighs and snorts and pants and smacks (dogs are quite noisy compared to cats).

So, having resided with both, I feel qualified to author a quiz about them. Everybody loves a good quiz, right?
Answer true or false to the following questions and tally your answers below, to find out if you’d be better off owning a dog or a cat.

1) You like to sleep in. Or, if you have to get up early, coffee and a half hour spent reading your e-mails is how you like to start your day.
2) The smell of wet dog fur stimulates good memories of the adorable mutt you had when you were a child.
3) You love to travel, and make a point to do so even though you’re on a budget.
4) Multiple wet kisses are the best way a person can know they’re loved.
5) After you get home from a busy day you like nothing better than to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine.
6) Your morning highlight is a power walk.
7) A gift of a dead lizard would not make you run screaming from the house.
8) Your new sofa is your pride and joy and you don’t have an inkling how to clip a kitty’s claws.
9) Rhythmic sounds decrease your blood pressure and make you relax. You wish you could purr.
10) You love to play in the snow. You’ve never understood those idiots who sit in ski lodges and drink hot chocolate, ignoring the slopes.
11) Children are great, as long as they’re not yours to discipline. You really don’t like to manage anybody but yourself.
12) You live in a “tough” neighborhood.
13) The neighbor’s dog bit you when you were little. Luckily you lived to tell the tale, but dogs still make you nervous.
14) You wouldn’t touch a litter box. Your kitty would learn to use the toilet or go outside!!

More odds are true? You’d be better off with a cat. More evens? A dog.
Or you could just say, to heck with the quiz, I want to live with both. I wouldn’t blame you one bit!

Lucy Balch
Author of Love Trumps Logic, coming soon from Second Wind Publishing.


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