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Contest and Giveaway!

We are celebrating the release of two new mystery anthologies, Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind, and you have two chances of winning a copy of the books. First, we are giving away three ecopies of each anthology. All you need to do is leave a comment on the Ebook Giveaway blog post. (Click here to find the post: Ebook Giveaway!.) If you prefer one of the books over the other, please state that preference in your comment, otherwise you will be entered into both drawings. The winners will be chosen at random on July 7th. Best of luck to all of you!

We are also running a contest for print copies of both books. Find the rules for that contest here: Win Print Copies of Our Mystery Anthologies!!

Good luck and have fun!

You can read about the anthologies here: Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind 

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Ebook Giveaway!

We are celebrating the release of two new mystery anthologies, Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind, and we are offering you a chance to win an ecopy of either book. We will be giving away three ecopies of each anthology. To enter the econtest, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. If you prefer one of the books over the other, please let us know which one you would like to win, otherwise you will be entered into both drawings. The winners will be chosen at random on July 7th. Best of luck to all of you!

We are also running a contest for print copies of both books. Find the rules for that contest here: Win Print Copies of Our Mystery Anthologies!!

You can read about the anthologies here: Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind   


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Win Print Copies of Our Mystery Anthologies!!

We are celebrating the release of two new anthologies, Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind, and we are offering you a chance to win a print copy of both books. All you have to do is write a sentence using the words “murder,” “mystery,” and “wind,” then post it here as a comment. The person who writes the most original sentence (in the opinion of the authors of Second Wind) will win a print edition of each of the anthologies. One other person, chosen at random, will win a print edition of Murder in the Wind.

The contest starts now and ends on July 6.

On your marks, get set . . . write!

You can find out more about the anthologies here: Murder in the Wind and Mystery in the Wind

(If the winners do not have an address in the United States, they will be sent ebooks.)


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Trick or Treat! Let the Game Begin!

haunted house               The ghosts have been at play again.  Your job is to put everything back in the books before the doors of the Simpson Haunted Mansion open for business. 
                The library is still toasty.  Not from the fireplace — from an antiquated devise in the corner. The heavy scent of white tropical flowers lingers in the air and you are drawn to the intricate double wedding ring on the chaise lounge.  A piece of paper lay in the center. What you see sends a chill up your spine. 
               Wind gusts through the room and knocks a framed picture to the floor. Now you know why it had been hung in that spot. Curious, you take a peek and wonder if your luck has just changed. Something soft and fuzzy brushes the back of your hand. You jerk back and wish they wouldn’t have gotten that out to play with. 
                Woman’s laughter draws your attention and a couple materialize before your very eyes and look as if they stepped off the set of Gone with the Wind. The man reaches into the books and pulls out an exquisite bauble.   She turns her back to admire her gift in the candlelight.  The man retrieves a silken item from another book.  “You should have never betrayed me,” he drawls.
                The woman’s eyes go wide.  Her hands reach up but she is unable to scream.  The two vanish. 
                The nightly event is over, but a mess is left behind.  You look over the books and remember who has the one item you need to gather up what doesn’t belong.  With a smile, you enjoy the magic and reach into the book to get what you need. 

  1. What is the antiquated heating device?
  2. What is the white, tropical flower?
  3. What is the intricate double wedding ring?
  4. What is on the piece of paper?
  5. What is behind the picture?
  6. What makes you think your luck has just changed?
  7. What is soft and fuzzy?
  8. What is the exquisite bauble?
  9. What is the silken item?
  10. What can be used to gather up items?

 Bonus:  What did he do to her?

To find the clues to the questions, click on the photo of the haunted house. Once you have reached your destination — the Second Wind Publishing Clue Game — click on the windows.  Each window link will take you to an excerpt from a Second Wind novel, and there you will find a clue to one of the questions. When you have found the answers to all of the questions, send your responses to secondwindpublishing@gmail.com. The winner will receive a print copy of the soon-to-be-released mystery anthology from Second Wind Publishing, Murder in the Wind. If more than one person submits the correct answers, one entry will be chosen at random.

If you are not a winner, do not despair. You are still eligible for the free mystery sampler from Second Wind Publishing! To download your free ebook, click here.

Let the game begin!

The winner will be announced on November 2, 2009

Game created by Amy De Trempe
Haunted House photo alteration by Pat Bertram
Image mapping and Clue Game page design by JJ Dare


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Twice in my life that I know of, I’ve had original creative material stolen by others.

Once I drew a cartoon of a peacock for a friend.  He knew I had been a caricaturist while I was in grad school and asked if I could create a certain image for him.  I didn’t ask him why he wanted it.  Imagine my surprise when the cartoon I drew ended up being printed on hundreds of t-shirts for a corporate event.  The really galling thing was that the t-shirt shop took credit for the design.  I thought long and hard about how to handle it, and finally just decided to forget about it.

A year or so later, I opened a monthly newsletter from another branch of the outfit I worked with and began to read a column written by a younger friend, a protégé of mine.  His column was word-for-word exactly what I had written the month before.  There was no attribution to me anywhere in the article.  Indeed he went to pains to make it appear he had written it.  Once again I wrestled with what to do about someone using my original material without my permission.  And once again, I chose to do nothing.

There was eventually a third occasion in which I encountered plagiarism—the attributing of creative work to oneself that is actually the work of another.  While I was researching my doctoral dissertation, reading mountains of books and articles—everything in print, it seemed—about one minute topic, I found a quote in a newly published thesis that I had read and annotated several weeks before in an old book.  I sat staring at that unattributed quote, wondering what would happen to the “scholar” who used it as his own creative work if I pointed out to the right people what he had done.  In the long run, partly because the thief’s dissertation was pretty lousy anyway, I did nothing.

This past week I’ve been revisiting those three experiences and asking myself if I did the right thing.  Not pointing out the use of my cartoon on the t-shirts probably cost me a couple hundred bucks at a time in my life when I could have used it.  Apart from that, those instances of plagiarism seemed to me to do no harm.

Last week, however, I encountered plagiarism again and this time it could not be ignored.  To make a long story short, it was brought to our attention that an individual had entered a short story in our Murder in the Wind anthology contest.  The story was quite excellent, a finalist for inclusion in the anthology.  The only problem was, the purported author had not written the story at all!  The story had been published by its true author on the internet.

When we discovered what had happened, we immediately 1) removed the story from the “visible” part of our blog (we’ve kept the illegal submission and accompanying emails should we ever need to document what happened); 2) apologized profusely to the true author; and 3) banned the person who submitted the story from submitting to or participating in any Second Wind process or contest.  This was a case where real personal and financial harm could have been done to the author and also to our new publishing company.  Had Second Wind published this story in one of our anthologies, in addition to the financial nightmare it would have created, there would have been a stigma associated with us indefinitely.

For these reasons, as the Publisher of Second Wind Publishing, LLC, I want to affirm it is our permanent operating policy that only original material can be submitted to Second Wind for publication or for inclusion in any of our contests or promotional events.  Should any person be found to have submitted plagiarized material, that person shall be banned permanently from participating in any Second Wind literary process or event.

There are so many wonderful, unpublished authors out there, so many delightful story ideas and possibilities yet to be created.  Why on earth would anybody take something that belongs to someone else and represent it as her or his own?  —Mike Simpson


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Congratulate the Winner of the Second Wind Short Story Contest!

Murder_on_the_wind-150x224On July 11th, Sheila Deeth posted an article on gather.com saying: I entered Second Wind Publishing’s “Murder in the Wind” competition, and my short story is one of three short-listed for inclusion in the anthology. Now I just need to garner some votes and I might get published in the same volume as Pat Bertram and other favorite authors…Well, at least I can dream.

Today Sheila’s dream — at least that one — came true. Her short story, “Jack” is the winner of Second Wind Publishing, LLC’s “Murder is on the Wind” Contest!

Sheila’s reaction? I really won! I’m really going to have my story published in Second Wind’s mystery anthology! With Pat Bertram and other real authors! I’m so thrilled!  It’s a good job it’s evening, ’cause I’m flying over the moon.

We are thrilled to include Sheila’s story “Jack” in our up-coming mystery and crime anthology. Congratulations, Sheila! 

The competition was fierce, and we received an overwhelming number of exceptional entries for this contest. In fact, there were so many excellent short stories that the Second Wind staff selected an additional twelve entries plus the two other finalists to appear in a second anthology entitled “Mystery on the Wind.”


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Short Story Contest — Now It’s Up to You!

Murder_on_the_wind-150x224We received many wonderful short stories for our Mystery and Mayhem Short Story contest that we had a tough time picking the finalists, but we finally narrowed it down to three:

“Distractions” by Deborah Watson
“Jack” by Sheila Deeth
“Lady Blue” by Carla Damron

These  short stories have have been posted here: http://secondwindpublishing.com/murderisonthewind.html

Now it’s up to you! Please stop by and vote for your favorite story, and you might be a winner, too! One lucky person, chosen at random from all those who vote for the winning entry, will receive a free copy of the anthology Murder in the Wind when it’s published.

Voting ends Saturday, July 18, 2009 at midnight


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