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Library Book Tour Letter by Christine Husom



Libraries are a great place for an author to meet new readers and develop relationships with the library staff. Here is a sample of a letter I sent. It proved to be successful, and I booked a number of events. I wrote it on stationary that included a letterhead with my contact information.

Dear Library Personnel (use the librarian’s name)

By way of introduction, I am the author of the Winnebago County Mystery Series that includes, Murder in Winnebago County, Buried in Wolf Lake, An Altar by the River, The Noding Field Mystery, A Death in Lionel’s Woods, and Secret in Whitetail Lake.

I am planning my book signing and author calendar for the next year, and would love scheduling an event at your library. We would structure my visit so it works best for your facility and patrons.

I usually begin my presentation with a talk, giving a summary of my background and what inspired me to write the mystery series. Then I have a question and answer session, and read a passage from one of my books, if people so desire. I will have books for sale and do signings for anyone interested.

It is a privilege to live in a state filled with people who embrace reading and support authors, especially local ones. One of my goals is to sell books, and another is to introduce people to the characters in Winnebago County, and get them involved with what happens in my stories. I am developing a solid following and want to continue growing the number of supporters.

Are you interested in holding an event at your library between January, XXXX and December, XXXX? Feel free to contact me via email or telephone. I will attempt to group my visits by area, since we have such a large state. Thank you for your time and consideration.

All the best,

Christine Husom


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