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Little Boys Dream 1


Waiola moored at her slip in La Mariana Yacht Club

I can’t believe it; 50 years ago this month we launched the sailboat my wife, our son and I built. It was a red banner month because not only did we launch our boat after 2 years of building, but I also signed a contract for my first novel sitting in the cabin of our newly launched boat, the Waiola, moored in Dana Point, Calif.

It all started with a dream; a little boy’s dream.

Africa-2I don’t know how or where that wanting came from. I do know that there in Central Africa, without a stream or pond more than ankle-deep, a little kid dreamed of owning his own sailboat.

When I was a kid, back in the 30s and 40s, General electric used to give away free calendars. They were big things; 36” by 18” with a full color picture on the top and the days of the month on the bottom.

One year they came out with all twelve months with sailing vessels. There were sloops, yawls, schooners, dinghies and full-rigged ships. I traded my little bit of candy with my 2 brothers for their pictures at the end of the month when it was their turn to get the torn off GE picture.

We came to the United States in 1944, just before the end of WW II crossing the South Atlantic aboard a British freighter. It was my first exposure to the sea and I loved it. My novel Desperate Voyage is based on that crossing.

When I got out of high school the draft was still in effect and when my number came up I joined the Navy because I didn’t relish the idea of sitting in a foxhole in Korea in the middle of winter eating K-rations and being shot at.

dd510001At least in the Navy I would have a dry bunk and warm food. And lucky, lucky me, after boot camp I was assigned to a little destroyer escort; USS Eaton DDE 510, which pitched and rolled like a small ship should rather than on some great big floating barn like an aircraft carrier.

After 4 years of sailing all around Europe doing the things 18 to 22 year olds do in France, Scandinavia, Italy, Holland, England and the Mediterranean etc., I took my discharge and did what society expected me to do; attended college, got my degrees, even became head of a department and then marvels of marvel, I was sent to a conference in Honolulu.

I attended the opening session and decided I no longer gave a damn about innovative education, so spent the rest of the week driving all over the island; climbing mountain trails and sampling the water and sand of various beeches. I had a contract for the following year with the university, but in the spring I resigned, cashed in my annuities, sold everything I owned and moved to Hawaii.

That was the beginning of a little boys dream coming true, but not right away; that little boy, now in his mid-thirties had to go to a whole new kind of school. Next time, learning about storms, smooth sailing and other fun.

May every day be smooth sailing for you and if you get bored you might try one of my books. – Thank you and Aloha – pjs/


S&FL FrntIn the paper department I have signed a contract for another novel with Second Wind Publishing. The title is, A Short and Futile Life. Have no idea when it will be released, but you can bet your sweet boots I’ll let you know when I know.

It is a near future novel about life in the United States when most, if not all, the personal rights stated and the Bill of Rights have been revoked for the good of the whole.


Final MSS Cover frontMurder Sets Sail is available from Second Wind Publishing and on Amazon. Kindle editions is only $4.99.

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The Telephone Killer published by 2nd Wind Publishing is available on Amazon and from the publisher. Kindle and Nook versions just $4.99.

To watch The Telephone Killer video click here.

The Telephone Killer is now also available as an audiobook.


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Ah, Spring! When…

View across Kailua Beach to the offshore islet...

View across Kailua Beach to the offshore islet known as Moku nui. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A spring, when an old man’s fancy turns to doing nothing and napping at the beach.

Well, here it is the 4th day of summer and I haven’t been napping at the beach or doing nothing although I have somewhat neglected blogging.

Life is just too outrageously wonderful for anything? I have been wonderfully busy living outside myself while in myself.

In the ceramics department with the end of the school semester hours have been cut back at the studio and so I have been doing a bunch of stuff at home. I don’t do wheel work in my little apartment but I have been busy sculpting figurines. Somehow I think sculpting sounds more artistic than hand building, but it’s the same thing. They range in size from about 7 to 15 inches in height.

Hifh fireHere are seven figurines glazed and on the shelves ready to be high fired.

Wait 4 glazeThis next bunch has been bisque fired and waiting for my chance to use the spray booth for applying the glaze. I’m spraying these rather than dipping them. The blue around the bottoms of some is masking tape to keep the glaze off that area.

Ready 4 BisqueThese are waiting their turn to be bisque fired. The one on the top left sagged a little while drying in the damp room so I have that support under the man in the hope to keep it from sagging more in the bisque firing, but then it may sag more when it is high fired. Ah, the joys of uncertainty in ceramics.

DryingThese two have come out of the damp room to dry a little more before they are put on the bisque shelves. All together here we have 21 pieces plus another dozen slowly drying in the damp room. I guess that isn’t a bad months output for someone who was planning to nap at the beach.

MSS CoverOh, yeah, and I have another book coming out the end or this month or the beginning of July. The title of it is, Murder Sets Sail. Here is the cover.

inside, right at the beginning I state, “This is an absolutely true story except for the parts that aren’t.” I think one should be honest about these things don’t you? I’ll tell you more about it next time.


Murder Sets Sail is published by 2nd Wind Publishers. This novel is not a mystery. You know from the beginning who the murderers are and who they intend to murder. Adventure aboard a sailboat from Honolulu to Hong Kong.

Paul’s book The Telephone Killer published by 2nd Wind Publishing is now available on Amazon and from the publisher. Kindle and Nook versions just $4.99.

To watch The Telephone Killer video click here.

The Telephone Killer is now available as an audiobook.


Since everything is copyrighted please feel free to re blog any of my posts but please repost in its entirety and giving appropriate credit.


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Murder Sets Sail – Excerpt 4

Sailboat red Cov 2 thmb

Murder Sets Sail coming soon from Second Wind Publishing.

In excerpt 1 you met Chris. He’s the poor sap who desperately wants a charter.

In excerpt 2 and 3 you were introduced to the bad guys of the story. They are richer than God and more evil than Satan. They could buy a yacht of any size they want, but they need a couple of boats that are not in any way connected to them to bring in a shipment of China-white.

In this excerpt meet the other chump, but he won’t be around for very long. He owns the second boat the bag guys are going to appropriate for this little job.

* * *

Alone in the cockpit Jimmy started thinking about Mary. He’d thought of her a lot since leaving Hong Kong. They had corresponded since he left, exchanging three or four letters a year. But it was not until this trip that he started wondering if she would like to join him. He knew she hadn’t married. They were still close enough he was sure she would have mentioned if she was involved. They’d had a lot once. It had been the situation that had driven them apart, not their feelings for each other. It would be nice to have Mary always alongside him, to share things with. She had always been one he could depend on.

When he got to Honolulu he would write her and ask if she wanted to join him for a while. She might like this kind of life and decide to stay on indefinitely. The more he thought about it, the more pleasant the idea became, and the more possible it seemed. It suddenly became a desperate necessity to write and mail the letter as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Murder At Sea

Sailboat red Cov 2 thmbI have just signed another contract with Second Wind Publishing for my new novel, Murder Sets Sail. My first book with them, a murder mystery, was The Telephone Killer.

There is no mystery in this novel. The reader knows from the very beginning who the murderers are and who they intend to kill.

Chris doesn’t know when he charters his sail boat to George Harris for a three-month cruise to Tahiti and other South Pacific islands that George plans to high-jack his boat.

George needs the boat to rendezvous with a sailboat out of Hong Kong carrying a hundred kilos of China White. One week out of Honolulu George commandeers the boat and heads West to rendezvous with the other boat.

After the heroin is transferred at the rendezvous and two accomplices come aboard from the other boat, George shoots one of them for having tried to double cross him while they were still in Honolulu. The Hong Kong boat is scuttled and it is obvious that the owner of that boat was killed before they ever got to the rendezvous. Continue reading


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