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Today I am offering a very short story for your enjoyment. It started as a challenge to write a succinct story in very few words. The original story was 500 words, including the title. I have added a few more words for the posting today.


All my life I heard about some entailed, but incredible wealth in a family estate with an odd secret that had been passed down for generations form some eccentric ancestor with a biting sense of ironic humor. No one knew where it was until they received the letter with the key delivered by messenger.

I’d fallen on hard times. My mouth watered at the idea of the estate and its wealth.

One day, my deadbeat uncle got the letter. Enclosed in it was an old, ornate key and directions to his inheritance.

Later, I was informed, by post, that I was next in line. I needed the inheritance more than my uncle did. I made sure he did not live much longer.

What can I say, he had an accident.

Eagerly I waited for the missive to arrive by messenger about my inheritance. Finally the envelope arrived. Greedily I signed for it, and ripped open the packet. The instructions demanded that I live in the house for one year.

“Piece of cake,” I said smiling as I programmed the coordinates into my GPS and drove off to claim my inheritance. The house was a run down shack that had seen better days. It was not habitable.

I returned, disgruntled.

My cousin greeted me with a bullet. He was next in line.

No one knew there was the entrance to a gold mine under the floor. We all saw a shack, and no one, for generations, stopped to give it a second look.

I hope you have enjoyed this little story, and will contemplate where there is buried treasure in your life that you may not be seeing because of outward appearances.

By S. M. Senden, author of Clara’s Wish and Lethal Boundaries available from Second Wind Publishers.

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