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Without All the Love by Ginger King

My series The Lost and Found while not necessarily romance in genre, does contain some romance because the stories are all about loving in difficult situations.  Loving parents, running from a love we know is good for us.  Loving our friends who know us just about as well as we know ourselves.  Each book has a set of circumstances in the plot that are dramatic and thrilling (hopefully) on their own without romance or love.  So I ask myself why do even the best thrillers have some aspect of love and or romance? Is is because it is present even if what is experienced is the exact opposite of love?

Sometimes it is in the form of deep respect, an appreciation for an elder or mentor as in Jeffery Deaver’s The Bone Collector between Lincoln and Amelia.  Perhaps it is friendship and the lifelong bond it sometimes creates such as in the film The Sandlot as shown in the ending scene between Benny and Smalls.  Also there is familial love.  The kind that creates a good kind of crazy that only exists in the family dynamic.  Then there is heart wrenching family love found in books like Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper.  So very many stories would be less without all the love.  Even the Love Story is about so much more than the romantic love between Ollie and Jenny but in that story their love is the reason for nearly everything that happens apart from the fatherly love of Phil.  In other books, the love is a result, a complication, a game changer to the plot.  Sometimes it is a large part, and sometimes small, but it is there none the less.

In the first book of the Lost and Found series, Diamond Road the action and plot move along because of what happens to one of the main characters.  Her set of circumstances are neither romantic or driven by romance.  They are driven by her need to survive, to come out of those circumstances whole and happy.  In the second novel of the series (coming later this year) Hope in Carolina there is way more romance than in any of the other books.  It’s strategic.  These new main characters needed to have a bond that they are not willing to lose despite the odds stacked against them.  As their story completes itself in the third book of the series the plot is predominantly a drama and criminal thriller with lots of action inside and outside of a hospital and a courtroom.  But what gravity would all of that have on these two characters without all the love?

If you stop and ask yourself these same questions about your own life, you realize that if we write about humans, the kind we know, the kind we are then you must admit that every story is a love story to some degree.  Here is a short excerpt from Hope in Carolina that is romantic in nature.  It’s about how some of the details of the world around us slip away when we are in the embrace of that certain person who holds our heart in such a way as to make us believe we are one with them.

Hope asked, “I mean have you ever kissed someone and you can’t even remember what you did with your hands? I never knew what my hands were doing, where they were.  All I know was how he made me feel.  One hundred percent his, and I was so totally in the moment with his lips on mine or his teeth gently nibbling at my neck or jawline.  For the brief seconds we weren’t’ joined we were nose to nose with a slight giggle coming from one or the other of us like we knew something, held some prizze no one else could ever possibly understand.  I still don’t recall where my hands were most of the time.  It was like they melted away and his lips were all I knew.”


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Here We Go by Ginger King

Well nerves or not, my debut novel, the first in a series (Lost and Found) is being released in just a little while.  Yes, I’m nervous about how it will be received, especially by my peers, and I promise to do better the next go around.  I have stories roaming around in my head, put down in notes, blurbs and all sorts of ways to remind me of their essence when I return to them.
The craft of writing better and better novels is something I hope to continue working on.  Because I want them to be better and better.  As writers, don’t we all want that?  I suppose its ingrained in us.  There’s a lot to be said for having the right background for being a fiction writer like maybe a fine arts degree but I was told when I started this endeavor without one that as long as I had good stories, others could help me develop the techniques of my craft. So ready or not here we go.  I’m sure I will get all sorts of reviews and I hope to learn from each and every one.  Look for Diamond Road coming soon.
kansas Wheat bale DIAMOND ROAD
Speaking of diamonds, Neil Diamond said, “Love on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise” and that’s so true.  We shouldn’t be surprised by heartache, but inevitably that is what happens.  It’s how we deal with it that can make all the difference.   My husband is an RC pilot and we always say about the planes, “They go up.  They come down, and the descent isn’t always graceful”.  The next book in the Lost and Found series, Hope In Carolina will involve loving in difficult situations and sometimes that’s not so graceful.  This Friday I found out that two friends were getting divorced and Saturday found out another two are getting married.  It highlighted how versatile the heart has to be sometimes, sticking it out or giving up.
There’s just so many times your heart can be broken before you learn how to recover faster than you did the last time.  Sounds cold I know, but it’s realistic.  If you are fortunate you will love a lot in your life.  And please don’t mistake my intention here.  You should never shut yourself off from love, but learning how to land safely when the “falling” is over becomes an extreme value when you find the heart that once soared now leaves you in pain.
SADNESSYou have to teach yourself what to do, what to think and who to spend your time with.  Because you will have to go to bed and sleep instead of tossing so you can actually function at work the next day.  When you come home, even if it’s toast and peanut butter you’ve gotta eat.  And getting your mind focused on something else is  imperative because if you aren’t careful you’ll extend your misery by reliving all of the good and the bad.
And let me finish by saying, I intellectually know all of this.  Putting it into practice, well I’ve never been really great at it.  So I guess here we go again.  Maybe these things will help the character Hope in my next book even if for me not so much.
Stay tuned!


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A New Adventure By Ginger King


When I think about the characters in my soon to be released debut novel, I wish I could hang out with them, talk to them and take road trips with them.

Jamie is such a complex character but then again, most women are. What sets Jamie apart? Her past has shaped her character in significant ways she isn’t even fully aware of. She has been running from the emotions that make her fearful of getting to close to anyone else she might hurt. Even her new life thousands of miles from home has not allowed her to escape the past. In fact she may be repeating it. You’ve no doubt heard “You can’t go home again”. Well sometimes it’s the one place you need to get a fresh start.

Josh and Tyler are brothers who grew up on a farm near Jamie. Their lives have been intertwined with her by aviation, geography and tragedy. One brother has always chased Jamie and tried to protect her, sometimes even from herself. The other is a charismatic prankster who seems aloof but has a much deeper side. She ran from them both, and it will take both of them to save her.

I guess in a way in have had conversations with these folks and been on road trips with them. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and hope you will as well.


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