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No Trick or Treat?

This past Thursday, I took my youngest daughter trick or treating.

I walked around the neighborhood with our beagle, Charlie, in tow as my daughter skipped, walked, and sprinted from door to door in the hope of filling her bag with candy. (Older sister, being too cool to be seen with mom and baby sister, opted to walk with friends.)

I have to confess that I love this holiday. Admittedly, it’s more about the chocolate I forage for after the kids have gone to bed rather than the costumes and scary movies, but still…

As Abby ran from door to door, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of participants, which seemed, to me at least, a much greater percentage than I’ve noticed in past years. What was so disturbing, however, was the apparent lack of any attempt on the part of the homeowner to hide in their house with the lights out – the universal symbol to children indicating there is no candy at this residence. This year, people seemed to be more blatant in their unwillingness to toss a piece of candy into the bag of the children who ring their doorbell constantly for the two hours allotted by our town.

Though my parents always opted to participate in Halloween and each year purchased the required forty bags of candy that were set aside and labeled for distribution, I knew of a few families in our neighborhood who opted out of this ritual. Those neighbors would follow Non-Participatory Halloween Protocal and come home from work early, park their cars in the garage, keep all the lights off and slink upstairs to a bedroom where they would watch television from behind sealed drapes. Only the slightes hint of the glow from the boob-tube would be visible to the children meandering by. It was obvious these homes were not to be bothered, and that was ok. We knew our bags would be full by the end of the night.

This year, as Abby and I canvassed our neighborhood, I noticed there was none of the “pretend we’re not home so the kids don’t ring the doorbell” charade going on. There were houses with several cars parked in the driveway, yet when the doorbell was rung, no one would answer. To make matters worse, there would be a front porch light on, indicating there was candy to be found inside. At one house, the lights were off, but activity inside could be seen from the front door. Again, cars were parked in the driveway, but this time, the garage door was open! I don’t know about you but if I”m pretending not to be home, my garage door is shut.

At yet another house, my daughter walked up to the well-lit front door, rang it and waited, only to be denied, once again, a piece of candy. As we were heading to the next house, a gentleman came out of the house and began to walk across the lawn to his neighbors, leaving the front door open!

Now, while I don’t think anyone should have to participate in Halloween and spend a week’s salary on candy to be given out to kids you don’t even know, but if you’re not going to participate, at least make it clear to the kids. Hide inside with the lights out!

Or, you can do what one family in my neighborhood did: They taped a sign on their front door that simply said, “Sorry, No candy.”

I’ll be they didn’t have to listen to their doorbell ring all night.

Donna Small is the author of two novels, “Just Between Friends” and “A Ripple in the Water,” both from available from Second Wind Publishing


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Happy Chocolate Day!

ImageToday is one of my favorite holidays.  

What?  October 28 doesn’t ring any bells for you?  You didn’t see the greeting cards?

Well, let me tell you that today is National Chocolate Day!

I admit I’m a choco-holic.  My family will tell you that I’ve always had a sweet tooth and that my sweet of choice has always been the melt-in-your-mouth variety.  When someone says “kisses,” my first thoughts are of the foil wrapped variety not the smooching type.  My husband has grown accustomed to seeing bags of chocolate chips in the vegetable crisper and has long since given up asking if I knew they were there.  My favorite sweatshirt has always been the one that proclaims “Give me chocolate and no one gets hurt.”  (Sadly, it wore out about 10 years ago.  But it’s still my favorite.)

In the summer, chocolate shakes are a must.  Hot chocolate is a winter-time staple.

While chocolate may not directly influence my writing, it does serve as an amazing reward for getting words on the page.

And this time of year, I have a bag of chocolate waiting for any Trick-or-Treaters who may find their way to our door.  Living in the country, however, means that there will probably be no children ringing our bell and the chocolate will be savored by me over the next few weeks—or days.

So allow me to be the first to wish you all a Happy Chocolate Day.  Whether you prefer white, milk, semi-sweet or dark, enjoy a piece in celebration.  (Check out Second Helpings: A collection of holiday short stories and recipes, too.  You might find a new chocolate dish to share!)


Nichole Bennett has been an avid mystery reader from a young age.  Her first novel, Ghost Mountain, is available from Second Wind Publishing. When she’s not writing, Nichole can be found  knitting socks, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, or spending too much time online.  And reading.


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Chocolate for Diets? Wonderful News!

I am a chocoholic. I love the stuff: Plan chocolate chips, hot chocolate, even an occasional chocolate brownie will do. Today’s news report that chocolate is indeed gaining more ground as a health food was refreshing. Chocolate is a health food – in it’s purest form, without all the processing, sugary additives, and dark is the best form. That is old news.

Add to it, though, that people who eat reasonable quantities of the stuff can increase their metabolism, and we will soon see a new chocolate diet craze. Who is with me?

Let’s see: it’s 10:30 a.m., and it’s never too early for chocolate. I’m off to the kitchen in search of chocolate before I get back to my latest work in progress. How about you? What’s your favorite kind?

Laura S. Wharton is the author of The Pirate’s Bastard, available from Second Wind Publishing. Learn more about Laura at http://www.laurawhartonbooks.com.


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