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Second Wind Publishing Newsletter

There is a lot going on with Second Wind Publishing lately, and we’d like to share our news with you.

We’re closing in on 100 titles! The most recent fiction release is Love Notes by Sherrie Hansen Decker.  Hope is trying to keep her head above water. Tommy Love is treading on thin ice. Rainbow Lake is frozen solid. Or is it?

The most recent non-fiction release is Grief: The Great Yearning by Pat Bertram, a compilation of letters, blog posts, and journal entries Pat wrote while struggling to survive her first year of grief. This is an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths.

Our newest anthology, Change is in the Wind, a fresh, challenging collection of seventeen short stories by as many authors, all dealing with the theme of change and renewal, is on sale for $.99 at Smashwords.com. To get your copy of the anthology, click here and use coupon code FC75E when purchasing. Not only will you be introduced to some wonderful writers, you will save $6.00!

And more books will be coming soon! Look for a new titles by Dellani Oakes and J. Conrad Guest. And welcome Paul J. Stam, whose murder mystery The Telephone Killer is due to be released next month.

Seven Second Wind authors are collaborating to write a mystery online. Residents of Rubicon Ranch are finding body parts scattered all over the desert. Who was the victim and why did someone want him so very dead? Everyone in this upscale housing development is hiding something. Everyone has an agenda. Everyone’s life will be different after they have encountered the Rubicon. Rubicon Ranch, that is. No one knows the ending, not even the authors, and they won’t know until the story is written. So stop by and see the story as it is developing. Welcome to “Rubicon Ranch: Necropieces”

To introduce you to Rubicon Ranch, we are offering you a deal on the first book in the series — Rubicon Ranch: Riley’s Story. A little girl’s body has been found in the wilderness near the desert community of Rubicon Ranch. Was it an accident? Or . . . murder! But who would want to kill a child? Everyone in this upscale housing development is hiding something. To get your ebook for $.99 on Smashwords.com, go here: Rubicon Ranch: Riley’s Story and use coupon code AT53X when ordering. Your net price should be $.99.

With so much going on, we need your help! We’re looking for reviewers for Second Wind ebooks. If you’d like to review one or more of our collection of books, please leave a comment on this blog or contact us at secondwindpublishing(at)gmail.com [Be sure to replace (at) with @ and use “review” for the subject line.] You can pick whatever genre (or titles) you’re interested in. We’ll send you coupons for free downloads at Smashwords, where you can get the books in the format of your choice. Our only request is that you post the reviews on Amazon. You can also post them on Goodreads, Smashwords, your blog, or wherever you wish.

The first chapters of Second Wind books are posted here for you to sample: First Chapters.

We are on Facebook. Please click here and like us!

Thank you for your continued support of Second Wind Publishing. The story is just beginning . . .

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Get a Free ECopy of our New Anthology — Change is in the Wind!! (Or Win a Print Copy)

The assignment was simple: submit a short story dealing with change. The results were astonishing, engaging, and incredibly varied. The stories compiled in this volume range from taut action drama, to stealthy intrigue, to enthralling spirituality, to tangled relationships, to timeless love renewed—or lost, to angelic second chances.  No two of the tales are remotely similar, and yet they are linked in remarkable ways. Each story is tied it to all the others in the anthology with two exquisite threads. The first constant theme is redemption; in each case there is a transformation, often painful, that brings new beginnings, new possibilities and revitalized life. The second theme is love—timeless and true—expressed in a multitude of ways, but unfailing in bringing hope and newness. Change in the Wind is an extraordinary collection of marvelous stories from gifted, eclectic writers who draw us into their worlds and leave us wanting more.

Everyone who leaves a comment on this article will receive a coupon for a free download of this wonderful collection of short stories in the format of your choice from smashwords.com. Also, one person, chosen at random, will win a print copy of the anthology. So even if you don’t want the ebook, leave a comment, and you might win a real hold-it-in-your-hand paperback book. Both offers end April 7, 2102.

We are starting a new contest. Perhaps you will be included in our next anthology! For information about this new contest, click here: Holiday short story contest


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Congratulations to the Second Wind Short Story Contest Winner!

Congratulations to LeeAnn McLennan! LeeAnn won our short story contest for her wonderful story “Dormant.” Dormant will be published in Change is in the Wind, an anthology of stories about spring/renewal, which will be published by Second Wind Publishing this spring. (April 1, 2012 if all goes as planned.)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, either by submitting a story or by voting for your favorite.

This contest went so well, on April 1, 2012 we’ll be accepting contest entries for holiday stories focused around a recipe. The winner will be included in an anthology to be released in time for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas. So, be thinking of holiday stories with delicious recipes, and we’ll see you again on April 1st at the Second Wind Contest Blog.


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Short Story Contest! No Entry Fee!

Now that you’ve blogged about what you are thankful for and stuffed yourself with Thanksgiving goodies, now that you have finished your NaNoWriMo entry and celebrated your success, now that you have survived your Black Friday shopping and have not yet gotten into the Christmas mood (or have already gotten out of it)…

Think Spring!!

Second Wind Publishing is sponsoring a short story contest. The theme is . . . you guessed it! Spring. Spring and renewal to be exact. Your stories do not have to be light and uplifting (which should be welcome news for all of you writers who pen dark fiction), but they do have to fit the theme. The story should be your own work, no more than 5,000 words, and must not have been published anywhere, not even on your own blog.

There is no entry fee.

The contest is open to anyone in the world, 18 or older, though the entry must be written in English. The deadline is December 31, 2011. The best entries will be posted on the Second Wind Contest Blog for everyone to read and comment.

The winning entry will be published in the upcoming Second Wind anthology, Change is in the Wind. This anthology is a collection of stories by the authors of Second Wind, so you will be in good company. The winner will also receive a coupon from Smashwords.com for an unlimited number of free downloads of the anthology for one month. The coupon can be sent to as many people as you wish during that month. The winner will also be able to purchase an unlimited number of print copies of the anthology at half price plus shipping costs. And the winner will receive a one year free VIP account from Angie’s Diary, the online writing magazine to help you get even more exposure for your writing. ($99.95 value).

So what are you waiting for? Encouragement? Then here it is: you can write a wonderful short story! Please send your story as a Word .doc or .docx to secondwindpublishing@gmail.com. We are looking forward to reading it!

For more information, click here: Second Wind Contest Blog.


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