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It’s In the Doing – by Paul J. Stam

Second ImageI am baffled by the amount of complaining that swamps the Internet about how hard it is to write. So much that I wonder why people bother to write. There is a plethora of articles such as: Dealing With Writer’s Block, and The Demon of Procrastination etc.

Procrastination I understand; it is doing what you want to do rather than something you think you must do. But writing is something I want to do, love to do, and so the things I procrastinate at are such things as paying bills, or making, or keeping, doctors’ appointments.

To be very honest with you I have never had writer’s block, whatever it may be, unless it is responsibilities that keep me from doing what I love to do. Right now I’m working on two novels; one is Second Image which is in the final edits (so much so that I even made a tentative cover for it) and the other is an unnamed apocalyptic novel in the 1st draft.  The only thing that blocks me from working on one or the other of them is an obligation of some kind, or another love which has come into my life recently, and that is ceramics. Continue reading


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