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My First Book Signing

So, I had my first book signing this month.  Luckily for me it was a very casual laid back affair.  I would have felt completely awkward with any kind of crowd.  My neighbor and friend, who runs the local lumber store in our small town, graciously agreed to host me in a combination wine tasting and book signing event.

If you are not familiar with small town Manitoba, one of the things that separate it from the urban cities is that small town businesses like grocery and lumber stores can be a licenced Liquor Mart retailer.

Armed with a box of books and boxes of cheese and crackers and some one-bite brownies (that we were fancy enough to serve out of the boxes), I was set up at a table sandwiched between displays, a stack of boxes, and shelves.

Although it was a Wednesday, we failed in advertising it in advance (my printer is DOA), and it is a very small town, we had a fairly steady stream of traffic – for a small town lumber store on a Wednesday night.

We got to visit with neighbors who we seldom see, and I even sold a few books.  Seven books, in fact.  Much more than I thought I would.

I call this first ever Sanford wine tasting and book signing event a success.  I even left signed copies behind on sale on consignment.

We discussed doing a second book signing before Christmas.  Maybe this time I’ll find a way to print up some posters in advance.

It’s small, and it’s a start, but even the writers who are big today started small somewhere.  With luck, I’ll find more nooks and crannies to have book signings over winter.

Maybe I’ll even sell another seven books.


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Date Night at the Library

Back when I was single, the prospect of going to the library on a Saturday night was NOT a good thing…it wasn’t cool, it wasn’t hip, and it certainly wasn’t a way to attract a date worth having.

I must be getting old.

Saturday night is a great night to be at the library, especially when there’s a national event happening at libraries around the world at the same time. Date night at the library becomes something grander and a whole lot more fun when you throw in talented story tellers. I’m referring to the national Tellabration event held at libraries everywhere the Saturday before thanksgiving. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the lies …er, stories start flying and the laughter begins.

At our local Tellebration, I learned about stupid hunting dogs (and one in particular that “don’t look so good” — which could mean he doesn’t see very well), fast cars (in this case, how a fast car got a girl’s attention and a husband all on the same night), and the importance of recycling everything (what would you do if you found someone’s yearbook in the bottom of a garbage can you were diving into for treasures?).

Storytelling is also educational. For instance, I learned that bulls can be mesmerized by flashlights on a night of frog gigging (bulls will attack if they think a flashlight causes them great pain – which one story teller suggested is possible when a third party sneaks up behind the bull and yanks hard on a certain body part while the bull is focused on a flashlight near a pond at the foot of hill). I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to weave that into one of my novels, but it sure was a fun story to hear.

Everyone’s a story teller, and everyone can participate in these events. Find a local storytelling group through your local library. Once the stories … er, lies start flowing, there’s to telling where you’ll end up.

Laura S. Wharton is the author of The Pirate’s Bastard and the upcoming children’s book, Mystery at the Festival Phoenix, both published by Second Wind Publishers. Her website is http://www.laurawhartonbooks.com. Her next book signing will be at Barnhill’s Books in Winston-Salem, N.C., on December 11.

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Leaping into the Unknown

Next week, I will be involved in my first book signing for my first published novel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home of our publisher, Second Wind Publishing.


When I agreed to attend the first ever group signing, I did so with an uncustomary leap into the unknown. I am a planner – I plot and mark every aspect of a situation before I make a final decision. In my most recent employment, a large part of my job was as a logistics coordinator and planner, a demanding job which required fact-gathering and analysis.


Logistic planning carries over into my personal life. If I am going on a trip, I map everything down to the pit stops along a route. In the same vein, shopping is always strategically laid out. I plan each stop to minimize gas consumption and time. I rarely deviate from my shopping lists. In these areas, I am meticulous.


My writing, however, is just the opposite. I am spontaneous and off the cuff. I do not stick to an outline when writing; I let myself go. I leap and jump and flip around, and sometimes I land on my feet while other times I bounce like a ball.


This part of my psyche took over when I was invited to join the book signing. With only a slight hesitation, I committed to joining some of my fellow writers on this adventure.


Our joint book signing is a journey into the unknown. While my reticent self should be anxious, I am happily excited the closer it gets. I am already mapped out, planned out, and prepared to hit the road.


Tomorrow, I start packing J



J J Dare is the author of “False Positive” and “False World,”

the first two novels in the Joe Daniels’ trilogy

* * *

Winston-Salem, NC, book signing info:


* * *

Writer specific event details:

Blog on MySpace: Book Signing Details


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My Book Signing Experience

When I received the wonderful news that my mystery novel, Murder in Winnebago County would soon be in print, I spoke with the head of the local library. She asked if I would be interested in having a book signing there–of course I would!
To prepare for the event, I ordered postcards with the book cover on the front–book information, publishing information, event details and invitation on the back. I sent out a number of the cards to people I knew, but didn’t have email addresses for. I put stacks of the cards at the library, two local bookstores and at our family’s downtown business. I had posters made and hung them in a number of stores and at the library. I put a press release in the local newspaper–free advertising! I sent an email version of the card to the people in my address box.
The turn-out for the signing was overwhelming–between 90 and 100 people. Many were people I didn’t know and I surmised they either like book signings, murder mysteries, or both.

Since it was my first book signing, I wasn’t certain how to conduct it. The library provided a podium for me to stand behind, making the event a little more formal than I thought it would be. I had pictured myself perhaps sitting at a table. As it turned out, I was glad to have something to stand behind and lean onto! I told the group we would do what they wanted to do. I told them I was at a Tami Hoag signing and she read a passage from her book, then did signings. I didn’t recall her answering questions, but it is possible she did. At John Sanford’s book sighing, he spoke for a while about his life and interests, then took questions for a fairly long time before doing the signings.

No one suggested how to proceed so I asked them if they wanted to know why I wrote the book and how I got published, etc. They did. I explained that the book was inspired by a tragic event and unanswered questions. I recounted how I had been in a crime writer’s contest where I met a man who started Second Wind Publishing and asked if I’d be interested in getting published. An answer to dreams and prayers!

After giving some background, I took questions. One lady asked me to share the tragic event behind the book. I said my father died mysteriously and we didn’t get a satisfying reason for it. Others asked things such as: do I write on a laptop or with a pen and paper, do I wake up in the middle of the night and jot things down, how did I choose the title, how long did it take to write, when will my next book be out, what is the next book about, etc. Then someone asked me to read a passage. I felt a bit tongue-tied and said “feminine” instead of “Fenneman” (my character’s name) a couple of times. But I laughed and said, “See, I didn’t think I would be able to read.”

I donated a book to the library. They gave me a nice thank you card and flowers and served refreshments. I sold about 60 books that evening. There were people who asked to have their picture taken with me–that was different and very cool!

After the event, I put a picture with a few lines about the signing in the local newspaper. Again, free advertising and it put my name and the name of my book in peoples’ minds.

I encourage anyone with a book to hold a signing. It seems to generate excitement and interest. I was told the attendees were very engaged in what I had to say and liked being part of the fun. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. I was not quite as nervous as I would have imagined. I was with a group of people who wanted to be there, for whatever reason, and we enjoyed the evening together.

Christine Husom

Author, Murder in Winnebago County



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