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Blurb advice

Diane Gaston gave a talk at last month’s Virginia Romance Writer meeting. She said that she writes her blurb and her synopsis before she starts writing the actual book. She inspired me to start writing blurbs for my still-to-be-titled young adult book that I’m working on, the same one that I had hoped to finish by the end of last year. Oh well…

I’d love opinions on the following three attempts. Which is your favorite? How would you change any of them?


When Nina finds candylicious liquid vials in their grandmother’s storage room, Nathan warns her not to drink them. His advice ignored, he’s forced to follow Nina to Cloud Seven, a place where he and his twin are given a chance to change history.

Their task isn’t easy. They must survive the wilds of Papua New Guinea as they attempt to rescue a cancer-curing plant from oblivion. Along the way, they find out that fierce cannibals and malaria are the least of their worries…



A routine stay at their grandmother’s apartment leads Nathan and Nina to a place they never dreamed existed. They’re given a choice: return to home and safety, or stay … and change the world by rewriting history. Of course, if they stay, there are no guarantees they’ll ever get back home…



1963: A scientist dies in the wilds of Papua New Guinea at the hands of fierce cannibals. The valuable plant he discovered is lost forever … or is it?

2011: Nathan and Nina Christy never dreamed that snooping in their grandmother’s storage room would get them transported to Cloud Seven. They’re given the chance to go back in time and change history. But at what cost?


Lucy Balch

Love Trumps Logic, a Regency romance available through Second Wind Publishing and Amazon.


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Author Blurbs

I have two releases coming closer to fruition: Book 2 of my Steven Hawk/Inola Walela thriller series, titled SNARE—in the last few phases of preparation before I submit the manuscript to the publisher. The other is the anthology, How NOT to Survive a Vacation, I’m co-editing for the Sisters in Crime chapter Desert Sleuths which will be released at their upcoming writers conference, August 14th.

For you readers out there, how important are back cover blurbs to you? When you’re considering a new book to read does an endorsement by a published author matter?

Recently I attended two writers conferences where I became closer to quite a few authors I admire. A couple are be positioned to become A listers: Sophie Littlefield with her hard-hitting, yet humorous A Bad Day for Sorry (Minotaur, 2010), and Rebecca Cantrell who presents a vision of 1931 Berlin that you can all but hear, smell and touch in her A Trace of Smoke (Forge, 2010). I cherish both of these writers’ work and their debut releases continue to be my favorite reads of the year. Rebecca’s latest release, A Night of Long Knives and Sophie’s A Bad Day For Pretty are next on my to-read list.

I am thrilled to announce that these two authors have agreed to provide blurbs. How did I go about it? Well, I’m a bit shy, and never intended to ask such a major favor of any author, but decided to put myself out there. I sent them what was essentially fan mail via their websites or social sites. If they responded, I took the next step and expressed how much I looked forward to meeting them at the upcoming conference. At those events, I actually sought them out. What I found were truly gracious, giving writers who have been in the same position, and were quite honored to be asked for their endorsement.

I’m set with blurbs now. For SNARE: Simon Wood, Kris Neri and Dianne Emley are currently reading or will soon receive the manuscript. For the Desert Sleuths anthology, Sophie Littlefield, Rebecca Cantrell, Juliet Blackwell, and thanks to co-editor Chantelle Osman, Kelli Stanley and Simon Wood are waiting to receive the pages in order to provide endorsements.

Are you willing to put yourself out there? Have you used a different tact in securing blurbs?

Deborah J Ledford is the author of the debut suspense thriller novel STACCATO, now available from Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, Kindle, and independent bookstores.


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