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If I subtract the past from the future will I get the present?

Apparently it’s October. I can’t think how the year slipped by so fast. I can’t imagine how I’ll ever catch up on overdue tasks. I can’t believe… it’s October. So I perceive a whole new fright in this month and ponder, will my next novel come out in time for the Christmas sales. I wonder when my next collection of short stories will be done; will I remember to book a table at the Holiday Bazaar; will I…? Meanwhile I close my eyes while reading time-travel stories. If I turned back the clock, could I post my review last week (or better still, last month when it was due)? But would that change the present?subtraction copy

Of course, the immediate present includes an overdue blogpost (here), a sleeping brain that can scarcely parse words unless they rhyme, a mathematical counter that ticks till the ending of time, and a keyboard. So here’s the (100-word) result:

If you should dream today, tonight,
And if the dreams you pray take flight,
And if the words you say take fright
Because today is not tonight,
Remember this, tomorrow’s dream
Will never grow the way it seems
You think it should; instead today
Will take your coulds and woulds away
Until tonight you dream the past
And future; neither lasts.

But if you dream tomorrow, know
The way that every sorrow goes
Is always backward till it’s gone
And always nightward till the sun
Refines its mystery.

Then, when dreaming’s dead and done,
The rest is history
And one.

Sheila Deeth is the author of the Mathemafiction Novels, published by Indigo Sea Press. Find Divide by Zero and Infinite Sum at Indigo Sea Press or on Amazon, and look for Subtraction coming soon.  Each novel is longer than 100 words. None of them rhyme. And none of them (so far) involves time travel.


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Staccato: Inception-by Deborah J Ledford

People often ask how long it takes me to write a novel. I see you writers out there rolling your eyes, because really, how do you possibly calculate not only the hours/days/years spent at a computer keyboard or pen in hand, but also the time staring off as your characters hijack your real life?

I’d like to share my journey as to how my upcoming suspense thriller Staccato came to be. This is a long tale that literally spans decades, so I will be breaking this up into a series. The first entry is: Inception.

Over 20 years ago I stood in a frame shop flipping through posters. I have no idea how I found myself to be there as I didn’t normally even pop into that store. Halfway through a stack I flipped to an amazing close-up shot of a pair of hands clasped in handcuffs hovering over a keyboard. I still remember the sensation: I swayed a bit, gaze trained only on the vision as the powerful visual shot straight to my brain. A storyline ignited right there that very moment.

At the time, I was a screenwriter therefore Staccato began as my fourth full-length screenplay. I don’t recall exactly how long it took to write the script, but the characters and locations came quickly. I had taped the poster to my wall so that every time I got stuck all I needed to do was look up to re-ignite the spark that caused such an initial flurry of excitement and creativity.

The Universe offers us so many gifts and I treasure the finding of that poster to this day.

Deborah J Ledford is the author of the debut suspense thriller novel Staccato, scheduled for release by Second Wind Publishing, August, 2009.


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Feeling Like a Celebrity

Have you ever met one of those lonely old people who are willing to talk to anyone who happens to wander into their life? They don’t care if you had the wrong address and knocked on their door by mistake. They still ask you to come in, to have a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade or a plate of homemade gingersnaps, to stay and chat awhile.

That’s how I feel when I check to see how people found my blog. I don’t care that they found their way by accident while looking for something completely different. (Usually they are searching for Omar Khayyam’s quatrain about the moving finger, but why are so many people interested in that, all of a sudden? And why come to me? I did finally post that quatrain for these visitors so they wouldn’t go away empty-handed or empty-headed, but still, there are other sites where they could have found it.)  At any rate, I’m glad they came knocking on my blog’s door. I just wish I had some lemonade to offer them, or a plate of fresh-baked cookies. Probably would get more traffic if I did, but I have yet to figure out how to send gingersnaps through cyberspace.

In light of this, I’m sure you can imagine how I felt when I got a comment from a stranger. Like I was a celebrity. A person I had never met read what I wrote, and liked it.

In the end isn’t that what we’re all looking for, whether we’re young or old, lonely or befriended? Aren’t we all looking for someone to acknowledge us? Someone to see us as apart from all the other billions of people in the world, even if only for a moment? We writers and bloggers spew out billions, trillions of sentences each day, and every single one of them says the same thing: “Notice ME.”

Well, for a single blip of time, I was noticed.

Pat Bertram is the author of More Deaths Than One,  and A Spark of Heavenly Fire now available from Second Wind Publishing, LLC.


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The Art of Procrastination

It seems as if lately the only art I’m practicing is the art of procrastination.

There’s no art in going about your daily life and telling yourself you don’t have time to write. The art is in pursuing other activities to keep from going about your daily life and telling yourself you don’t have time to write.

Thus far in my procrastination, I have:

  1. Read several books about writing.
  2. Invited a dozen authors to guest host my blog.
  3. Left comments at a couple of online writing forums.
  4. Joined a writing discussion group. 
  5. Entered a writing contest even though I said I would never enter another one. 
  6. Researched book marketing .
  7. Signed up for FacebookMySpace, and Shelfari. Wandered around the sites trying to figure out what to do with them (still have no clue). If you belong to any of these sites, please add me as a friend so I can procrastinate more!
  8. Published an article about What Your Car Color Means on Squidoo.
  9. Played around with the color customizer for my wordpress theme. 
  10. Started another blog.

It would probably be easier just to sit down and write the novel, but where’s the art in that?

Pat Bertram is the author of More Deaths Than One,  and A Spark of Heavenly Fire now available from Second Wind Publishing, LLC.

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