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4 January 2014 

Goals.  January is the time to start fresh, make new goals and promises to do better, to get more accomplished and to follow through.

Goals are what keep us going, keep us motivated.  We all have goals, dreams and plans.  We dream about them, make lists so we can tick items off and measure pour progress as we make plans to have those dreams become reality.  We think about our goal’s potential, do what we need to and wait for them to manifest.

Creating your goal is the first step in making it happen but that is only the first step of many. When we give our goals a purchase on reality by voicing that goal, or putting it in writing we set something in motion.  Then as we strive for the changes needed to accomplish our goals, unfortunately, we awaken all the little demons that like to trip us up in our struggle to reach our goals and make positive changes in our lives.  All those blocks, fears and even the shame that has stopped our progress in the past can be counted on, one more time rear their ugly heads and do all they can to retard any forward momentum we have gotten going. 

Don’t give up.  Don’t let the negativity, the blocks, fears or shame stop you.  We do not need to have those negative impediments derail us in our pursuit of the goals we have set.  In order to achieve our goals, at the very least, we have to make some changes in our lives. By making these changes we are making room for our goals to manifest, to come into being in tangible and measureable ways. One way to think about these changes can be as simple as cleaning out the excess junk in your attic, or close or even your garage so you can make room for the things you want, the goals you have set.

We need to clean out the junk of the past, the rubbish that clutters our path, trips us as we try to pass, or garbage we hold onto to shame ourselves into failing because we may not feel worthy.  These are spiritual blocks and will take some work to clear, but it can be done, and must be worked on so that our goals have somewhere to take hold, put down roots and flourish.

I know I have a great deal of work to do in order to reach my goals.  I know they can be achieved with hard work, a willingness to let go of the past both in the spiritual wounds as well as the physical stuff I have kept that is no longer necessary.  Every day, I will do something, large or small to reach my goal.  At the beginning of the journey, it may seem like it is so much, but as the days pass, little by little I will erode the blocks in my path, for I am determined to reach my goals!  You can do the same and together the journey will not seem so lonely or arduous.  Happy New Year, and may all your goals be achieved.

S. M. Senden: author of Clara’s Wish and Lethal Boundaries.



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Getting What You Want

My creator is feeling a little uninspired today, so I’m going to jump in here for her and talk to you today. Frankly, I think she’s off somewhere swilling coffee and dreaming of her book hitting the best sellers’ list. That woman can sure down the coffee, let me tell you. I guess she needs it so she can keep pace with me. I must admit I don’t make it easy for her. Who am I? Well, I didn’t think I needed an introduction, but I’ll humor you just the same. My name is Dante. Ah, you’ve heard of me before, have you? I see my creator has done a good job of introducing me to you. Well, let’s begin, shall we?

I’ve been walking among your kind for many years, but don’t worry. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my existence. I’m here to talk about you. I only mention my longevity to underscore the wealth of my experience with your kind. I have observed you for a lifetime, taken stock of your mannerisms and characteristics, your dreams and desires, and the one thread that links you from generation to generation is your insatiable need to get what you want. Some of you have altruistic motives, some of you do not, some of you will succeed, others will not, but the drive to achieve is just as strong in one as it is in the other. It’s all rather amusing to watch, if you ask me. The way you push yourselves, motivate yourselves, will yourselves to the attainment of your dreams is all rather admirable. But what happens when you get there? What happens when you get what you want?

I often wonder as I watch you if you ever take that into consideration. So much of your energy is focused upon the journey from idea to achievement, the stops along the way, the roadblocks that you must circumvent before you arrive at your final destination. But do you think beyond that? What happens when you arrive there? Are you happy with the accommodations, or let down because they’re not what you expected? Sometimes the best part of the journey is the trip itself, the people you meet along the way, the unexpected roadblocks that prolong the process. And before I start to wax poetic like my good friend Peter, I will leave it at that. Enjoy the trip as much as the destination and you are bound to lessen your disappointment. And remember, those roadblocks are checkpoints for you to reassess your goals and to ask yourself if this is really what you want, to test your commitment. They’re not there to stop you from achieving your goals. But then, you knew that, didn’t you?

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get what you want.


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