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Life Interrupts

As everyone knows just when things are going good something comes along and sets everything in chaos. Well that’s what happened to me a month ago. My husband ended up in hospital for a week and everything I knew went to hell. Worry over his medical condition became my number one concern. I couldn’t think clearly. but with time and great doctors I can remember what life is again.

I’ve been taking time out to catch up on my reading again and have found I quite enjoy the pastime. I have always been a reader and over the years have read thousands upon thousands of books. And that was before I began writing my own. My taste in reading has always been eclectic and I enjoy a well written story. If it makes sense I will enjoy it but what is a well written story?

I am a simple person and as long as the story makes me want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next, that to me is a well written story. It has to make sense otherwise it’s just words on paper. I read some stories that make no sense and I feel as if the writer has done nothing, but then I’ve read stories that make me want to read them again and I much prefer the ones I will read again and again.

Life is back to normal in my house again and I can’t wait to get back to writing. Life is very good at the moment! so I’m going to sit back and enjoy!


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