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The End, a Beginning

So here I am, three weeks until I graduate from high school and I feel very nervous but excited.

I passed my NA test so I am now a certified nursing aide! I feel as though that gives me some experience and a bit of background for a career in the medical field.

Speaking of my career, graduation means I’m ever closer to the day that I leave for BCT in the Army. Just last Saturday I went and had fun at the Kersey Valley High Ropes Course with the rest of my fellow Future Soldiers (which has left me sore, I had to roll out of bed this morning haha). I discovered I have a lot more upper body strength than I thought. But I still need to prepare myself physically for what is coming up so I’ve been doing some exercising. (Not as much as I should be doing but school is almost out so I can go running early in the morning.) I’m feeling ready for the challenge being in the Army poses.

I’ve had fun during high school and I’m going to miss all the people I met. I wish them all the best and hopefully life treats all of us well. I will be able to keep on writing, which is good because I have a stack of notebooks full of stories wondering when I’ll get back to them and finish them.

I’ll be going through many memories during my remaining time here at home. I’ll miss my family but all children must depart from the home to start their own journey through life. I have high hopes for my future and for those of my fellow graduating classmates.

Wish me luck!!


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Who would you be?

We’ve all thought what it would be like to be someone else. Or, at least most of us.

Do you know who you would choose to be? Me, well, that’s easy. I’d be someone in one of my stories. But who? I have so many characters that I could choose from. I probably would choose a wolf character, since I love wolves so much.

Actually, since my stories are still works in progress, how about I choose someone in someone else’s story? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a half-created world.

Hmm, well, it’d certainly be someone with super powers… Someone with an amazing world. But then, I’d be stuck for hours trying to choose someone. So, do me a favor and tell me who you would be so I can make my decision. Oh, and why would you be that person? Fictitious character or real person, anyone, who would you be?


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When it all condenses at once

Have you ever had a time when you’ve neglected to read for a very, very long while? Whether you’ve been too busy, too swamped with other tasks, engaged in a different activity or whatever the reason it may be, but you just haven’t gotten around to settling down with a good book.

Well, I went through such a time. Senior year is a busy, busy one. I’ve been too busy with homework, projects and of course the finals (that I hopefully passed, 90% sure I did) for first semester. On top of that, I’ve been busily writing my second book ‘Gates of Destruction’. Whenever I have had time to myself I’ve spent it writing/typing up songs or typing up things I’ve been meaning to type up.

Since we lucky students got an unexpected four days off because of snow (which was a much welcomed mini-vacation) I got around to sitting down with a good book in hand. and it had me hooked.

I could not put it down and even though it was late at night, I could not close it. After every chapter I finished soaking up, I told myself, “Okay, okay, it’s late and I need to go to sleep. I should probably stop here and pick it up tomorrow night.” But what did I do? Instead of listening to myself, I turned the page and kept on reading. The characters felt so real to me that about three times during my reading I nearly flung the book across my room in anger, frustration or sorrow. I couldn’t do that, though I wanted to at the moment very much. Everyone was already asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up.

It was about 4:30 in the morning when I read the last page and stared at the book accusingly, silently scolding it for finishing and not having the next in the series to continue on. When I finally climbed into bed I was itching to have the next one in my hands.

It’s like all that I hadn’t read condensed into that one reading period. I felt satisfied to have enjoyed the book so much. Sometimes, things all condense into one moment.





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