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I am a mother and writer with two books out currently. Second Wind Publishing is a wonderful group of writers and an impressivly unique publisher. What do I write? Romance, anyone who wants to stop reading now...don't. Trust me! Why do I write Romance? It's the number one selling fiction genre in the world. Add to that fact I have a problem with only writing suspense, or comedy, or paranormal, and you see my problem. Only Romance covers every sub-genre I could possibly think of. Oh, and I'm addicted to happily-ever-afters.

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Time is running down and I know there’s not a soul out there that wouldn’t want a year worth of books!

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Right as Rain

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege to speak in front of a group at the Shepherds Center. Alright, I don’t like public speaking and will fully blame my publisher for setting me up months before. I agonized for weeks over what I would talk about. I wondered if I should do it as just Suzette or if I should do it as myself and my writer name…much like my darling sister in the article before this.

Should I talk about the two books I have out, the one that will be coming soon, the one that I finished after, short stories, or all the other concepts I have working around. After a few of the ladies stopped into Barnhill’s Book Store and were looking at the short stories Second Wind has put out, I decided on short stories.

Then my dear mother called me Sunday asking me how to write a short story. She made a promise that she would write one and had no idea how to go about it. So I sent her my notes for my talk the following Tuesday. She was very excited that I’d already had it ready.

The folks at the Shepard’s center were very kind and other than the normal nerves that get to me, I did well, at least in my own mind. Well enough that one of the women said she’d love to know the next time I have an event so she could bring her grand daughter to me for inspiration.

Now if I can turn that faith in me into another finished book I’ll be right as rain.

Suzette Vaughn is the author of, Badeaux Knights, Mortals, Gods, and a Muse, and (Coming Soon) Minding Madelyn

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The gift of giving…

Everyone likes the word free. There is a feeling that comes with it of no stress, no obligations, and no commitment. Who couldn’t use a little free in December with holidays pressure creating, well, stress, obligations and commitment. Does Uncle Bob even wear ties? And do we really have to visit three different houses on Christmas Eve?

In the spirit of the season Second Wind has new freebies. We love giving away books as everyone has learned over the last year. Now we are giving away our short stories. Come check them out, share them with your friends, and have a little fun reading in an obligation free way.

Don’t forget we are constantly updating our samplers to include new books, all on the same page.

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Finding Madelyn

Dearest Madelyn,

It’s February of ’47. I haven’t seen you in three years. I’m not even sure where to send this, you weren’t here when I got home. But this you already know.

What you probably don’t realize is that a day hasn’t gone by without you with me. The memory of you hiding behind your mama. The image of you hanging sheets in the backyard, the sun gleaming off your dark hair. So many memories that kept me hopeful. Then I came home and you were so gone that I’ve yet to find you.

I talked to Aunt Vicky, she misses you, but couldn’t help me in my search. She could only tell me east. Of course, I’m in Washington, everything is east. I’ve sent letters to every person I know. All the buddies I made while I was away. They all saw that picture of you, the one in the pink dress, they are looking too.

I’m not sure what I will do when I find you. Probably start with more questions than you will ever be able to answer. What happened to the county payroll the night you left is on that list. How you ended up engaged to my brother, it’s up there too.  Where you’ve been, have you been happy, do you miss me… Too many questions.

When I find you, I will find my answers as well.

Galen Langley

Maddy cover copy

Read more to learn what happens when Galen finds Maddy in Finding Madalyn coming soon.


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Savvy Shopping

With everyone shopping smarter in recent times and looking for a better use of their pennies, I thought I’d offer my two cents for what it’s worth.

Coupons: Yes, that humble Sunday ritual that many remember from childhood. Just think of the paper cuts and newspaper ink blackened fingers as change in your pockets. There are even websites that offer printable coupons from major brand names.

Freezer space: No it doesn’t have to be the ten foot long-good to hide a body in-bottomless pit that has sat in my grandmother’s basement stocked full since 1947. Just something big enough to store the great deals in. Which leads me to my favorite money saver.

Sales: My local grocers love doing buy one/get one free sales in their meat departments. Everything from Ribeye and Roast to ground…okay some of that ground stuff I’m not sure what it is.  I stock up, wrap it, and freeze it for those times when there are no sales on good meat. In addition, this is great for holiday savings. We eat out of the freezer for the month of December and spend that well earned savings on presents.

Of course, the buy one/get one free sales are also great for pantry items. Noodles are a big item in my house. Doesn’t matter if it’s angel hair or lasagna it’s an essential staple. Crackers as well, including all those cute little specialty crackers the kids like just because it’s got a cartoon character on it. With a good sale they are cheaper than the off-named brands.

I’ve also recently started to use more frozen vegetables. While I still prefer my broccoli and cauliflower fresh (just because they decimate those beautiful stalks when they chop them up) lima beans, butter beans, corn, and baby carrots are great from the frozen section and you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

Those are a few of my favorite savvy shopping tools. Do you have a shopping tip you’d like to share?

Suzette Vaughn

Author of Badeaux Knights and Mortals, Gods, and a Muse


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