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A Toddler Almost Lost by Thornton Cline (excerpt from “Not My Time to Go”

When I look back on how I almost faced death at two years old. It is not only frightening but humbling. I was too young to understand anything about dying.
It was a peaceful Saturday morning in early March the day I almost died the first time. On that morning, my mother noticed that I wasn’t awake yet. She looked more closely. I was lying my crib unnaturally still. My mother, Phyllis, carefully lifted me, and found my body lifeless, burning with heat. My eyes rolled back into my head. Phyllis felt a stab of panic as a sudden vision of me lying in a tiny coffin inside the sanctuary of our church ran through her mind.
Something’s wrong with my baby. Dear Jesus, help him.
My mother quickly tried to revive me, covering my body with a cold washcloth. I did not respond. My temperature had risen to 104.9.
Paramedics arrived and loaded me into the ambulance after given me oxygen and checking my vital signs.
I vaguely remember lying on that hospital table, wired with dangling tubes from my arms and chest. The hospital staff worked frantically to revive me as my heart had stopped. They struggled to bring me back.
An overwhelming, heavy silence suddenly fell in the room. And then, a miracle happened. My tiny lungs gasped for breath and filled with air. I could feel the thump of my heart in my chest. I started crying. My mom and dad were speechless in disbelief. Their prayers had been answered.
I had always been a fighter and not a quitter. Perhaps I had a strong will to live.
There were undeniable divine forces in that room that day. This would be the first of many close-call brushes with death. God had purpose for me here on Earth. It was definitely not my time to go.

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Not My Time to Go: The Meaning of it All

I am still standing today after 11 near death experiences.

I am still standing today after 11 near death experiences.

Not My Time to Go: The Meaning of It All
by Thornton Cline

After much prayer and deep listening, I have concluded that I, as well as others, definitely have guardian angels watching over us.

I believe with certainty that these near-death experiences have been allowed to happen through the years to develop and build my character. Through these near misses I have learned to handle any adversity. Not only has each near miss made me a stronger person, each crisis has given me deeper compassion and empathy for my brothers and sisters here on Earth. I am now able to understand the difficulties and hardships that my fellow brothers and sisters face every day.

I am able to witness to my fellow brothers and sisters and share with them the love I’ve found in Jesus Christ. My close calls have enabled me to look at another human being’s situation objectively with love and without judgement.

Because of these near-death experiences I have become more dependent on my Heavenly Father, relying on Him for everything in life. I have learned to totally rely on my Lord and Savior in Heaven. My faith continues to grow stronger every day.

Over the years, I have become very grateful for my life. I look at every day as a precious gift. I never take my life for granted. I am constantly seeking opportunities and ways to serve my Lord and Savior with gifts that I have been given. I believe that the attitude of gratitude pleases God and makes Him want to help me even more by showering me with more blessings and opportunities.

I believe that these life-threatening occurrences have given new meaning to my life. I can now walk through the next phase of my life with complete faith and confidence, knowing that whatever happens from here on out, I can actually rely on God to take care of me.

Knowing what I know now, I can faithfully on my angel to protect me for life. I can call on our Lord and Savior knowing He will send my angel and angels to my side in times of danger.

I believe I have come a long way in my lifetime. And I still have a long way to go. But my faith has grown to new heights. And I revel in my total and complete reliance on my Heavenly Father.

I have found my purpose and mission on Earth. I am eternally grateful for being spared and given many chances to carry out my mission until I am called to come home to be with the Lord. I have truly discovered the meaning of it all.

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PURPOSE by Thornton Cline

by Thornton Cline

In my debut non-fiction book, “Not My Time to Go” on Indigo Sea Press I devote chapter seventeen to the purpose of living on Earth. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines purpose as the reason something is done or used or the aim or intention of something.
Throughout my true compelling close-call, near-misses with death I gradually discovered my purpose for living on Earth. I once believed that I existed just to eat, drink, and be happy. I didn’t think too much about other people’s lives, but put high value on indulging in worldly pleasures. I didn’t have much concern for my fellow brothers and sisters. Life was all about me. And while I played the violin and piano growing up, I used those talents and gifts for my own self-seeking purposes, not for a higher purpose.
Through all of my self-seeking, I gradually became reckless, taking foolish changes with my life. Many times I felt immortal. I depended only on myself for everything. The Lord was far removed from my life, despite my childhood spent attending church. I had forgotten how to pray, and, in fact, I didn’t feel like I needed to pray at all.
Of course, that was far from the truth. My guardian angel, other angels, and my Lord and Savior have always been by my side. I just haven’t come to that realization yet. All that time when I thought I was doing it on my own, my angel and the Lord were there helping me through everything in my life.
While I was depending on myself, they were what I needed. But no one could tell me. No one could preach that message to me. I had to learn it the hard way.
Slowly but surely, I came to the realization that I wasn’t here on Earth only to take up space and to exist. I also realized that life wasn’t about partying and pleasing myself with selfish ambitions.
Through the near-tragedies that I experienced, I began to conclude that life on Earth was a testing ground for my everlasting life in Heaven. Life was about storing up treasures for the hereafter. It was not about pleasing myself in partying and living it up, nor was it about accumulating riches and wealth while on Earth. I realized that I was constantly being tempted and torn between the invincible greatness and goodness of the Lord Almighty and the dark, evil forces of Satan. I discovered that every decision I made in my life had its consequences.
Life, I finally saw, was about God’s kingdom on Earth, serving God faithfully, and planting seeds by helping others so that the fruits of my labor could be reaped later. My mission was to reach others with my gifts and bring them into God’s fold.
Finally, life makes sense knowing why I am here on Earth and what my purpose is. It took those 11 close-call, near death experiences to help me to discover my purpose and the meaning of life.

Thornton Cline, author of "Not My Time to Go"

Thornton Cline, author of “Not My Time to Go”

Recent discussion about "Purpose" with the Richmond, VA writers group

Recent discussion about “Purpose” with the Richmond, VA writers group

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Not My Time to Go by Thornton Cline

There is a side of me that most of my friends don’t know. I have rarely shared this side with anyone until now. I am a survivor. My life has been spared. I am not talking about surviving cancer, heart disease or some life-threatening disease. I am referring to the eleven true compelling near-death experiences I have survived since I was toddler.
Long before I lived in Tennessee, my first encounter with death occurred when I was two-years old. I should have died and I should have died many times. But, it wasn’t my time to go.
What I am describing has been experienced by between four and 15 percent of humans, according to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. This segment of the population will have experienced a close call with death sometime in their lives.
It never occurred to me until later in my life that there was a possibility that someone or something was watching over me and protecting me from the dangers and close-call brushes with death. Later I came to the realization that there were angels watching over me. They have known me before I was born. They have watched me come into this world. They are looking out for me, watching and protecting me 24/7.
Skeptical? I can certainly understand. I was very skeptical for a very long time until I ran out of reasons and explanations for how my life was spared over and over again—11 times! I am not talking about situations where I was flirting with death, I am referring to miracles where there was no scientific or medical explanation as to why I had survived.
It takes a certain amount of faith to even consider the possibility of the existence of angels, especially for those who have no religious background or do not practice any sort of religion. And without trying to get religious with you all, I did some research from the King James Version of the Bible and discovered that the Book of Daniel (chapters 7-12) lists the names of our guardian angels here on Earth: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. The Book of Revelation (7:1) describes how the four guardian angels protect and watch over the four corners of the Earth.
My eleven near-death experiences read like an Academy Award winner thriller film or a New York Times bestselling book. I have experienced grave illness as a toddler; was nearly decapitated along with my family; was almost killed by a bomb explosion during a Mafia War, was involved in two devastating car accidents, escaped from fire and explosion when my car malfunctioned on the Interstate, was the victim of an attempted abduction at gunpoint when I was a child, faced the near-death of my young 10-year old daughter, was involved in a close-call brush with death on an airplane, and was a victim of a failed car-jacking as an adult.
After much prayer, research and soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that I was protected and spared by guardian angels. Each time a close-call brush with death occurred, it was not my time to go. I concluded that there were reasons why I was spared here on Earth. I now realize that I am living on Earth for a purpose. Every day is truly mission and I am here to help leave the Earth a better place than it was before.

Debut book on Indigo Sea Press

Debut book on Indigo Sea Press


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It Never Even Crossed My Mind (Reflections of the new book, “Not My Time To Go” by Thornton Cline

When I look back on my over 11 close-call brushes with death as I have described in my new Clear Light/Indigo Sea Press book, “Not My Time to Go”, I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize until about the eighth or tenth near-death experience the possibility that something or someone was watching over me and faithfully offering protection each time. Every time, from my first close encounter at the early age of two, I felt as if I was under a curse. I felt as if the curse was following me around and perhaps I was born under a bad sign.

When I finally started paying attention, I started researching other people’s near-death experiences which led me to research the possibility of the existence of guardian angels in our lives. Then I discovered after much research and prayer that I have guardian angels who have known me before I was born. They watched me come into this world and they have been faithfully protecting me 24/7. I discovered in the book of Daniel (chapters 7-12) and Numbers in the Jewish Bible, Rabbahof, the true names of the four guardian angels here on Earth. These guardian angels of the throne are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. The book of Revelation (7:1) describes how the four guardian angels protect and watch over the four corners of the Earth.

I became excited and deeply inspired by these scriptures after much prayer and research. As I listened, the Lord revealed to me how I was protected by His guardian angels.

The rest is history, a striking revelation to me. Before that, angelic protection never even crossed my mind.

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Do you believe in angels?


Do you believe in angels?


      If you had asked me years ago if I believe in angels I would have replied, “no, that’s crazy talk.”  I was skeptical that angels really existed. The thought of the possibility that guardian angels could possibly exist on Earth never crossed my mind.  I’ve never seen an angel or had contact with one. I thought that angels were merely a myth.

But year after year of close-call, near-death experiences started to make me wonder if there was someone or something out there providing me protection against the perils of death.

      In my first encounter with death, I should have died as a toddler at age two.  Then the close-call, near-death experiences persisted almost to a fever pitch. By my calculation, I should have died over 11 times in my lifetime.

      Three years ago, my sister gifted me with a book, “Ninety Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper. I read with great interest as the story was based on a true story. And while I never saw a white light or actually died in any of my over 11 times of near-death experiences, I was deeply inspired by the book. After carefully praying and with much thought, I was moved to write my soon-to-be released non-fiction book, “Not My Time to Go” on Indigo Sea Press.

      First of all, I’m not the only one in this world who has experienced near-death events. The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation reports that between 4 and 15 percent of humans will experience a close call with death sometime in their lives.

      I became fascinated with the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation report and became researching as to what the Bible has to say about guardian angels. The Book of Revelation (7:1) describes how the four guardian angels protect and watch over the four corners of Earth.

      Although I can’t prove that angels exist, I am fairly certain that I have a guardian angel or two watching over me. There are countless testimonies of people in this world who have either seen angels or who have contact with angels. I cannot explain away my over 11 near-death experiences by merely chalking it up to luck. Perhaps one or two encounters could be attributed to luck but not as many times as I have had experienced with near-death events.

      One thing I do know is that it is not my time to go. I have been allowed to live on this earth for over 50 years. I have a purpose here on this planet. I am fulfilling my destiny. Call it luck, blessings or angelic protection, but I am supposed to carry out my mission here on this planet until it is my time to go.

    “Not My Time To Go” is Thornton Cline’s tenth published book. For more information please visit




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