Let’s Celebrate!

Back in April 2011, when my book, SHE HAD TO KNOW came out, my publisher asked me if I would write a blog once each month for what is now Indigo Sea Press. I thought it would be fun and agreed. Today I am celebrating my 100th post!!! During the last eight years, I’ve only missed one. For that one, I was blessed to have Pat Bertram fill in for me with an exceptional post. Thanks again, Pat!

For my blog posts, I was given free rein and have been allowed to write about anything I wanted. The only exception would be a topic that might compete with my publisher and/or the other authors writing for ISP, or be subject to controversy. We strive to be G rated.

To refresh my memory, I skimmed through previous past posts to see the variety of subjects I’ve covered and realized I’d touched on lessons I’ve learned about writing techniques and discoveries having to do with the craft of writing; places to which I’ve traveled and objects I’ve collected that reminded me of those travels; what it was like living in certain places like Germany and Montana; discovering my Scottish roots; dealing with the loss of friends through death; and various emotional subjects with my expressions of joy, sorrow, surprise, wonderment, even fear. One example was a post in 2012 written while I was in the hospital recovering from a stroke. The stroke came as such a shock (I mean, I had always been so healthy and I was so happy I survived), I complained about a normal problem like dealing with Microsoft Windows 10 on my new computer as opposed to a previous Windows program. And I had to keep the post short, because I was having difficulty typing with my still limp left hand.

But my very favorite part of all the monthly offerings was, and still is, when readers contribute by adding comments and likes and even emails. I love it when people tell me about how my posts affect their lives or when they share how glad they are to not be the only ones who feel a certain way about something. I love it when readers tell me about their experiences. It’s always so special when an author realizes that people actually enjoy reading their posts and exchanging ideas and opinions. Not all people know we generally don’t get paid to write blogs. I don’t anyway. It’s our opportunity to share our somewhat isolated lives with the outside world, which suddenly becomes smaller and more intimate. I love that!

So, on this day of celebration, I want to thank all my readers out there, especially the ones who have given me feedback. And I thank other author friends whose works I’ve learned about through blogging. Here we go. I’m lighting 100 candles. Help me blow them out. To the next 100! Let’s celebrate!


Coco Ihle is the author of SHE HAD TO KNOW, an atmospheric traditional mystery set mainly in Scotland. Join her here each 11th of the month.


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24 responses to “Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Joanie

    Congrats, Sis! I read your book when it first came out and still remember how much I enjoyed it! It was such a good read!

    • Thank you so much, Joanie, for being the inspiration for my book. It took us a long time to find one another and it was worth it! It will be fun to share the adventures to come. Bless you.

  2. Art

    It’s a joy to read your posts and as I read them it brings up a few memories of past posts you have done. I will continue to read them and reflect on the intent behind each one. Keep up the good work.

    • Art, even though we were classmates in high school, I guess one could say, it took my book to bring us back together. I’m so glad. You have been a wonderful friend through the years. Thank you!

  3. Faye Austin

    Coco – I had no idea you had a stroke. Well, allow me to clarify – if I knew I cannot recall. I admit I experienced a medical bump-in-the-road one year prior to your stroke. As time marches on double-time I find my never-that-great memory is not improving whatsoever. You have always been very resilient.
    I cannot recall a time when you were not upbeat, positive and inspiring. I remain thankful our friendship has remained intact all these decades. I always look forward to your monthly posts.

    • Faye, I didn’t know about your medical bump-in-the-road either, but you are right, we are resilient. I had no idea you were a faithful reader all these years, but I am grateful. Yes, we go waaay back. As far as memory is concerned, I have an allusive one, too! Ha! Yet we hang in there and soldier on! I toast you, my friend! Here’s to many more years of friendship!

  4. Let’s celebrate indeed! Congratulations! Such a major accomplishment.

    • Pat, in all humbleness I say, my accomplishments have paled in comparison to yours, but I thank you for your encouragement, instruction, filling in for me, and for visiting me when you were on your road trip. It was an honor to meet you and become your friend. Here’s hoping for many more years of friendship and inspiration sharing. My very best wishes on the success of all your books. keep on writing!

  5. Quite a milestone! To the best of my knowledge, I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Your musings are fresh, relevant, personal, and interesting, and because of them, I feel like I know you, and have made a friend. Keep up the good work!

    • Sherrie, you are another reason I am grateful for being an author for Indigo Sea Press. I doubt I would have had the opportunity to get to know you otherwise. You are a talented writer and a fellow lover of all things Scottish. I am in awe of your accomplishments with your B&B and with food and fauna and photography!!! You rock, girl! Keep on writing those wonderful books!

  6. Renee Latty

    HAPPY 100 BIRTHDAY! And, here’s to 100 more!! Loved each and every one of your blogs and can’t wait to see what’s in the future!! Keep on my dear friend!!

    • Renee, thank you for the happy wishes!!! Isn’t it fascinating that we met through a kitty cat and didn’t really become friends until after we moved away from our neighborhood in Atlanta? You are another person I admire. You are one of those selfless souls who bring so much joy to others and have so much fun doing so. I love that about you. And since you and Scotty have been hikers for a long time, you’re in excellent shape. My lazy self admires that a lot!!! Here’s to friendship!

  7. Dear Coco, I’m impressed with the outpouring of well wishes from your many friends and I’m pleased to call you my friend. We met on the Grand Circle Cruise to Russia in 2013. I emailed you two pix from that wonderful trip: one of you on the ferry and one of us together walking down a street in St. Petersburg. You’ve been a good friend to me when I needed a shoulder to cry on!!
    All the best, Good Friend ~ Pat

    • Pat, your comment touched me down to the core. Thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait to get the pictures. I’ve enjoyed your fabulous photo slideshows of museum exhibits, art galleries, scenery and people that you’ve sent me since Russia. You have an artist’s eye and a kind and generous heart. I’m so glad we met and became friends. A toast to you, sweet friend!

  8. Cheryl hilzer

    Love your posts!

  9. Susan Coggins

    Belated congratulations on your 100th – blog that is! They are always interesting and I read every one of them. Since we met in the early 70’s, we have experienced so many life experiences and changes and survived it all. Generally speaking, military wives learn to be strong and resilient. It was a necessity. I am glad we are again in touch on a regular basis. Having just returned from a 3 week vacation in New England, I allowed myself to be electronically disconnected – talk about the good old days! – but have a lot of catching up to do. I look forward to getting together with you soon.

  10. Rob Ihle

    Keep it up! Looking forward to a 100 more.😁

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