Great Day Versus…

When I wake up and start my day and everything just follows along in a neutral way and nothing out of the ordinary happens, it just becomes another day, for which I’m grateful. If something doesn’t go well for enough of the day, I might classify it as a bad day. Or, if a lot of things do go well, it’s a good day. Do you judge your days like that? Do you even think about it?

The reason I ask is yesterday was a great day for me, and as I expressed it out loud to some friends, I was surprised, and I wanted to know why. I guess I don’t take time to analyze each day, one way or another, I just live it and go on. Does that make sense?

But for some reason, I felt it was important to tell my friends I was having a great day. I felt that I should let them know that great days happen. Maybe they had only had ordinary days or not so good days lately. Or perhaps they might have had a couple bad days even. They hadn’t said so, but I wanted to plant a “great day seed.” I have the feeling you may be convinced I’m bonkers. So now, I guess I need to explain what makes up a good or great day versus one not so good or bad, at least for me.

As I thought about it, I decided that generally my days are good days, not bad or great. I get a lot of satisfaction out of finishing projects and setting goals for myself, and I enjoy trying to do something or say something nice or inspiring to/for someone each day. I guess that gives me a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Lately, I’ve been battling with a seller over a merchandise return and refund that started in May. All I wanted to do was return the items and get a refund. Things were complicated by the fact that I was dealing with a foreign company and shipping dealt with customs and taxes. I had paid for the items through a mediator, who was trying to help me, but it was all online and somewhat confusing. I guess that issue weighed me down more than I realized. So when I was dealing with another company with online back orders and discontinued items, I thought more complications and disappointment were on their way.

Yesterday, the day started with an email stating all was settled with the foreign company,  items were returned and I was getting my refund. Another email informed me that the items I thought were back ordered and discontinued might not be and had shipped. I was a bit confused by that email, but the mailman arrived moments later and all items I’d ordered were in the package. I could hardly believe it. Oh, joy!

To top it off, a package arrived from a friend I hadn’t seen or spoken with for some time. He had called two nights ago saying it was on its way, but wouldn’t tell me what it was. It was a porcelain bell with delicate painted flowers and my name on it. He’d seen it and was reminded of me and decided to send it to me. I was so touched when I saw it.

Then to top it off, I was preparing to go to my monthly luncheon with three friends and when I offered to drive, one of the gals said she’d already planned to drive and would pick me up. We all spent a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. What’s not great about that?! So I shared my “great day” news with my friends and decided to share it with you, too, dear readers. A great day doesn’t have to be a spectacular or phenomenal or supernatural occasion, at least not for me. Just a day in which things go right and friends are strong. How’s your day?


Coco Ihle is the author of SHE HAD TO KNOW, an atmospheric traditional mystery set mainly in Scotland. Join her here each 11th of the month.


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15 responses to “Great Day Versus…

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes a good day is finding a cold soda in the fridge when you thought you were out. Enjoy

  2. Renee Latty

    I am excited to share that I have lots of great days and very few bad days. Dealing with the IRS is way beyond a bad day but as they never get things “processed” for “16 weeks”, my way beyond bad days are few and far between! However, they may go on for the rest of my life! Know what I mean?

  3. Renee, most of us love to be around cheerful people, I think, so I can imagine you have lots and lots of friends. So glad I am one. At least “predictable” bad days can be prepared for, and I find a bad day isn’t so bad if I’m ready for it. Is that true for you, too?

    • Renee Latty

      Are you saying the IRS is predicable? Hmmmm?? I’ve been dealing with them since last February on a very simple matter. I will never be prepared for what they may decide to tell me. However, it has become one of life’s challenges for me and I’ve always loved a challenge…… so maybe that makes it a good day! Glad you reminded of how to approach this!

  4. Pat Gordon

    Another Great Article, Coco.

    If a bad day is upon me, I try to reverse it. Don’t like wasting time being out of sorts. There”s lots to see and do before I “go to my reward”!

    All the best, Pat

  5. Great days are wonderful! For me, a great day is anytime someone buys one of my books. It’s like the icing on the cake!

    • Yes, Sherrie, that is a good day! I have the feeling you have many great days. It’s in your nature to look at the positive side of things. Thanks for stopping by, commenting and being such a faithful follower.

      • Oh, my. It’s funny you should say that. I’ve really been struggling with depression since my dad died, and have, off and on, through my entire life. That’s why I’m always so thankful when I have a good day, or when something happens to cheer me up.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that, Sherrie, but I can relate perfectly. I’ve just come out of a siege with that dreaded monster, and I want to tell you not to worry, it takes time to mourn someone who was so close. Don’t try to rush it. All will be well, with God’s Grace.

  6. Salustra

    Well I know one thing that can make a day head south, computer tech. I have been waiting on PC since 11:57 to see my niece streaming her wedding via UTube! Hopefully all will get resolved but at least getting email cleaned out. You are definitely the bright spot of that. Great blog.

    • Oh, thank you, Salustra! I’m confidant your niece’s wedding was beautiful and that you were able to see it stream by with joy in your heart!!!

      • Salustra

        You are so right Coco, I did get to see and tech working has allowed me to follow them on there Honeymoon to Japan! Even watched live while they recorded live. So proud of them not falling for expensive wedding and instead getting an experience of a lifetime!

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