A Rambling Man (Part five) from Chapter Eight- “Not My Time to Go” by Thornton Cline

They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way; they found no city to dwell in”

–Psalm 107:4  KJV

Thornton Cline, author

I am still standing today after 11 near death experiences.


Recent discussion about “Purpose” with the Richmond, VA writers group


Neverless, I didn’t pay any mind to the advice of  my male friends.  I didn’t heed their warnings. Nothing could persuade me to do otherwise.

I gave my two-week notice to the apartment office manager. I had my utilities disconnected and asked some of my friends to help me move my furniture and belongings into Sherry’s house. I completed the move over the weekend, and made it official at the beginning of the following week.

There were some adjustments to make. Living with eight kids, a babysitter, and in a messy house took some getting used to. But I loved being with Sherry, sharing everything with her, including a bed.

Soon we both discovered we had common interests such as writing, performing, and recording music. We started writing songs together, and soon Sherry began singing my songs.  We decided to record our music in a recording studio in town. When we had recorded enough demo tapes, Sherry and I planned busineess trips to New York and Nashville to try to sell our songs.

Sherry was so enamored with my songwriting and musical talents that she not only wanted to be my lover, but my manager as well. Sherry and I decided to sign a management agreemennt together. The agreement promised that Sherry would promote my songs and me as a songwriter. She would be my chief negoiator in cutting deals with publishers and producers.

In our trips to New York and Nashville, we ended up doing quite well as a team. We managed to have several choral print music songs published with one of the top music publishers in the world.  We signed contracts with major publishers in New York and Nashville and received favorable press. There were articles and stories written of us in newspapers in various cities.

It was the year 1980, and we had been together for over a year. Our trips to Nashville became more frequent. There were many things about Nashville that fascinated us. The people were warm and friendly, and helped show us the ropes of the town. The publishers took a great interest in my songs. The songwriters living there, were amazing writers, and the city was beautiful.

We discussed the possibility of moving to Nashville from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We believed that if we moved to Nashville, we would have a great chance of being discovered. We might be able to get some of my songs recorded and performed by major recording artists.

After weighing the pros and cons, we decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee–Music City, USA. We were excited about our big decision. Sherry’s kids had mixed feelings about moving. Some wanted to move to a new place because it was getting boring living in Cedar Rapids. Other kids wanted to stay in Cedar Rapids with all of the friends they had made. They would be heartbroken if they left their friends.

In the summer of 1980, we packed our cars and headed to Nashville. We couldn’t get eight kids and their stuff in our small cars, so we hired Jeannie to drive a large truck with Sherry’s kids and all of the furniture.

We decided to rent an apartment in Ashland City, Tennessee, about 40 miles west of Nashville. The rent was cheap, and we loved the rural, peaceful setting of a small town. Once we moved and got settled in, however, the picture looked quite differnt than before. When fall came, the kids were not happy with their school, and we didn’t know anyone in town. We were living a miserable life in Ashland City.

It was time to move again. In October 1980, we packed our belongings and moved to a rented house in Old Hickory, Tennessee. It was a small suburb located east of Nashville. We immediately fell in love with the neighborhood, and the kids made friends quickly at their new schools.

The next years between 1981 and 1982 were rough years for us. Our relationship began to deterioate quickly. Despite our living situation, Sherry was devoutly religious, and she believed that it was a sin for us to live together,  She was alway pressuring me to make our relationship legal. Sherry was also getting a lot of heat from her fellow church members about cohabitating with a member of the opposite sex.  Her parents constantly made her feel guilty. Sherry repeatedly nagged me about wanting to get married. To me, it felt like manipulation. It was her idea to live together in the first palce. I began to resent her, and I searched my heart. I wondered if I had ever loved Sherry from the beginning. I began to tell myself that maybe it was just lust. That maybe  I had been lonely and needed a female companion to make me feel better about myself.

I had a revelation of truth.

(To be continued next month). #indigoseapress; #thorntoncline; #angels; #near-deathexperiences; #mikesimpson





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