Masks from Travels

I guess most of us collect souvenirs when we travel and I’m guilty of that, as well. Along with photographs and pamphlets or coffee table books and gifts for friends, I also like to try to find a mask or face from each place I visit. I’ve been lucky over the years to be able to find the faces I’ve gathered together for a wall in my music room, especially since the places have been so diversified.

Mask Wall









For instance, one mask came from Branson, Missouri, here in the U.S. and next to it is a mask from the Isle of Malta and below it is one from Tulum, Mexico. Then there is a rendition of the death mask of Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae from 1550-1500 B.C.E. that I bought in Greece and below that a shell mask from Tarpon Springs, Florida, or a face of Vlad the Impaler from Transylvania, Romania near a classic Greek face from Athens. There’s a hand carved wooden mask from Bavaria and not far from it is a clay face from a craft fair in Montgomery, Alabama.

Malta Mask

Branson Face


All the faces have memories associated with them either of the place in which I purchased them or of the people I met along the way, so as I look around my home, I can relive those fond memories of my travels and of the wonderful friendships I’ve made throughout the years.

Tulum Mask



Classic Greek


Shell Florida



I’d love to hear if you are a collector and if so, what do you like to collect? Do you have a regular place for your items? If so, are they where you see them and remember your experiences associated with them?



Coco Ihle is the author of SHE HAD TO KNOW, an atmospheric traditional mystery set mainly in Scotland. Join her here each 11th of the month.


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12 responses to “Masks from Travels

  1. Art

    Loved your pictures. I collect tee shirts from my trips and where them quite often so I can brag on my adventures, sometimes with complete strangers.

  2. Don’t worry, Art. It’s fine just the way it is! Ha!

  3. Renee

    WOW!!! LOVE the masks! How unique! I made a mask in pottery once and it was immediately sold in the next art show I exhibited!! I never could understand why anyone would buy it. Maybe a collector as he asked lots of questions. All I could say was I wanted to try a whimsical fun and colorful face! Wish now that I had taken a pic of it! Have not a clue where it is. YOURS have such great memories! What fun! LOVE the wall. Is that the French Maid I remember or you ready to dance?

    • Thank you so much, Renee!!! I wish you had taken a picture of your mask, too. Maybe you can make another one. Yes, that’s Olivia, my French Maid. She’s gotten lazy lately. All she does these days is stand around!

  4. What a unique collection and such a fun way to showcase memories of the places you’ve been.

  5. Virginia Dieste

    I love your masks, Coco, and you show them so well! My favorite (no name) was the last one.
    I collect small dolls in typical dresses and also I have an extended collection of cats,(about 100) ceramic, wood, wire/beads, metal, etc. from all the places I had visited, abroad and in the U.S.A. I have all my collectables where I see them every day and, as you said, it brings back memories. I have put, under each cat, the place where I have gotten every one of them, and once in while I turn them over to refresh my memory!

    • The last mask was Vlad the Impaler the man who inspired the Dracula tales. I got him in Transylvania. Your doll and cat collection sounds really interesting. You’ll have to show them to me when we next meet. It’s so nice to have happy memories and reminders of them. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  6. Awesome we collect masks too…but recently started traveling a lot more, so now we’re collecting miniature animal sculptures. Love your collection. Masks tell incredible stories!

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