Honey Do’s by John E. Stack

School has been out for a few weeks now, and being a teacher, I have tried to read, rest and accomplish a few things around the house. Actually, I have rested a lot, read a number of books, but have gotten little done in in the way of honey-do’s. I have an extremely long honey-do list.  I had good intentions and I thought about it a lot, but sometimes life gets in the way and you have just enough time to read a few (hundred) pages in a book.

Well, before I could accomplish any of my chores, vacation time came along and we spent a week in the mountains of North Carolina. We visited the city of Franklin and stayed in a log cabin on top of a small mountain. It was absolutely beautiful. There were lots of antique shops, gem mines and waterfalls. In other words, there was something for everyone, even a bookstore for kids. The town was quaint, but had lots of attractions.

Several gem mines were located within 10-15 minutes so we took our little ones to screen for gems. They had a blast. We found rubies, emeralds, and lots of other stones.  I need to learn to cut and polish some of the gems. To pay what they wanted at the mine was crazy.

One afternoon, we spent several hours driving on cut-back mountain roads to look at waterfalls. It was sharp right, then share left, etc. Yeah, all the way up the mountain. We were able to walk behind one waterfall and there was another just off the edge of the road. On the way back down, we saw a group of people sitting on boulders in the stream. We decided to join them. The water temperature was about 50 degrees or below. I had never put my feet in water so cold.

Well, vacation ended way too quickly.

Oh yeah, honey do’s. Have you ever had a small project transform and mutate into a much larger project? My small project turned into a renovation of our master bedroom and bath.

It all started with a general comment from my lovely wife. Something like, “I think an old fashion barn door would look nice between our bedroom and our bathroom.” I responded that it shouldn’t be too difficult if we could find the hardware and rail.  I located a kit on-line and ordered it. That was my original project.

Suzanne started thinking and decided that our bedroom could use some freshening up. She started looking at colors and finally selected the correct combination. So, I needed to hold off on the door until I completed the painting. Okay, no problem. Then, it was decided that the bathroom needed to be repainted also, with colors similar to the bedroom. We also needed to replace the flooring in the bathroom, and the shower door.

Okay, now I was ready to start to work. Slap up some paint, replace a shower door, place some tile and then I can build my barn door. No, no I can’t. It seems that the carpet in our bedroom won’t match, plus it needs to be replaced anyway. Instead of carpet, we are going with an engineered hardwood. After that, I can build my door… maybe.

Looks like I’m going to be a little busy for the rest of the summer.  Gotta go for now, I think I hear my paintbrush calling.

By the way, since you have time to read, check out the link below. If you enjoyed my writing, share it with a friend and/or give me a comment. Have a great rest of the summer!

***John E. Stack is the author of Cody’s Almost Trip to the Zoo, Cody’s Rescue Adventure at the Zoo, and Olivia’s Sweet Adventure.


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4 responses to “Honey Do’s by John E. Stack

  1. Ah, smell of fresh paint in the morning! We’re hoping our basement will be done in a week or so, then I can start my list of jobs as we carry all the furniture back down from the garage. And the books! At last I’ll get my books back!

  2. John, I really related to your post. I’ve done a number of house re-do projects over the years. Your vacation sounded really cool and the family had a good time I’ll bet. One chore at a time steadily will have you done in no time. I’m cheering you on!

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