A Rambling Man (Part three) from Chapter Eight–“Not My Time to Go”


They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way; they found no city to dwell in. Psalm 107:4 KJV

The next evening, I was nervous. I had no idea what Sherry looked like or what to expect. I was excited to meet her because she was daring, adventurous and provided an “escape” from the painful, depressing world I had experience in the past year.

I pulled up to her small, white-framed house in my Silver Capri. Sherry’s house had bright-green shutters and a bright-green awing that covered her tiny front porch. I got out of my car and walked nervously up the brick-paved sidewalk that led to her porch. I rang the doorbell. Within a few seconds, several young children came running to the door.

There was a pretty collie that wouldn’t stop barking at me. A rather large woman who looked to be about 350 pounds greeted me.  I asked if she was Sherry. She answered, “no sir, I’m Jeannie, the baby sitter.”  Jeannie held the door and asked me to come in.

As I entered the house, a pack of eight children ran up to me, and jumped on me as if I were their daddy. The house was an awful mess with clothes and papers thrown everywhere. There was a distinct stench that smelled like a backed-up sewer line.

Suddenly, around the corner came a slender, tall and pretty brunette wearing glasses and smiling. She held out her hand to greet me. As I placed my hand in hers, she held it for the longest time and smiled. She said coquettishly, “my, your hands feel mighty warm”.

I loved the attention that I was getting. I was willing to overlook everything about Sherry that perhaps made other men run as fast as they could. I was so hungry for female attention that even when I discovered Sherry had been married five times and had eight children, ages 3 through 12, I overlooked it.

I asked Sherry if she was ready to go to dinner.

“Yes,” she replied.

She kissed her kids goodbye and told Jeannie not to wait up for her, she would be in really late. She grinned at me with a flirtatious smile. We jumped into my silver Capri and sped away to the Silver Dollar Diner located on the east side of Cedar Rapids. It was about seven p.m. as we entered the country-style restaurant, and we were immediately seated in a corner table by the back window. We laughed and told jokes.  I felt a strong chemistry between us. We both ordered the country-fried steak with baked potato and salad. And for dessert, we ordered the banana pudding.

After I paid for our meal, we drove around the city in my silver sports car. We acted like two silly little children-giggling and carrying on.  We parked the car by the river in downtown and talked for hours. Eventually, Sherry moved close to me and pressed her lips against mine. She was done talking. It was about 11 p.m., but the night was just getting started.  #MikeSimpson; #NotMyTimetoGo; #Indigoseapress; #angels; #ThorntonCline


(Part four to be continued in August)


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  1. Intriguing! Sherrie from Cedar Falls who has no children.

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