The Idiot-Proof Guide to Being an Idiot- Chelsea Bolt


What did I do yesterday? I jumped off a rock, flailed for 16 feet, and dove into some (shallower than expected) water. Why? Probably because I’m an idiot. Is that okay? Sometimes. Being an idiot is something that has its benefits and downfalls, like most personality traits. Also, thank God I survived that. Falling with style.

The best way to be an idiot is to be an aware idiot. Own up to it. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you know that you’re an idiot, you can choose which idiotic traits are preferable or help you survive the mundane day-to-day we are expected to thrive in. This means that you pick and choose your stupid moves. Don’t jump out in traffic. Do try to wear your Halloween costume the entire month of October. See the difference?

How can you use your idiocy for good and not evil? I’m glad you asked. This has two answers. One is for the benefit of your own happiness and to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. I would have never talked to a guy about turkeys for ten minutes unless I was an idiot. Maybe that was a bad example, but you get the idea. The other answer is to share some excitement and goofiness with others in an otherwise dreary world. Be that person who encourages others to take that chance and love life a little more.

Chelsea Bolt is an Indigo Sea Press author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites:


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3 responses to “The Idiot-Proof Guide to Being an Idiot- Chelsea Bolt

  1. Ernesto Patino

    Enjoyed your post…i can relate to part of it, at least.

  2. Glad you landed safe! And yeah, I can relate to parts of it too, though my highest jumps only take place in dreams. I’m definitely an idiot in dreams.

  3. Those who suffer are the idiots who don’t realize they are idiots: endless entertainment!

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