Weathermen Lie

This picture was taken in the spring.  See how green and lush the grass looks.  Now it’s brown with lots of bare spots.  The weathermen and women keep telling us to expect severe thunderstorms.  Or there is a 40% or 60% chance of rain.  We do hear thunder in the distance, see the dark clouds to the south of us.  Or see lighting to the north of us.  But ultimately, it keeps missing us.  I bet we’ve only had an inch of rain in the last month.  Everything is so dry—and dying.  Can’t water too much as we were asked to preserve water.  I pride myself in my garden.  Love digging in it and moving things around.  I fear that if this weather keeps up I’ll have to get rid of some of my plants.  Condense my gardens.  But grass is dead and hard to grow here, especially under the trees.  So in second thought, I might just carpet the whole lawn and say the hell with it.



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4 responses to “Weathermen Lie

  1. I had a buddy who threatened to concrete his lawn and paint it green.

  2. Recently, at an home and garden show, I saw artificial grass that looks exactly like the real thing. No watering, no cutting. Expensive, but permanent. A solution?

  3. I’ve just returned from vacation to brown grass and yellow weeds. Lots of yellow weeds – I’m sure someone’s going to complain, but the bees love them.

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