It Never Even Crossed My Mind (Reflections of the new book, “Not My Time To Go” by Thornton Cline

When I look back on my over 11 close-call brushes with death as I have described in my new Clear Light/Indigo Sea Press book, “Not My Time to Go”, I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize until about the eighth or tenth near-death experience the possibility that something or someone was watching over me and faithfully offering protection each time. Every time, from my first close encounter at the early age of two, I felt as if I was under a curse. I felt as if the curse was following me around and perhaps I was born under a bad sign.

When I finally started paying attention, I started researching other people’s near-death experiences which led me to research the possibility of the existence of guardian angels in our lives. Then I discovered after much research and prayer that I have guardian angels who have known me before I was born. They watched me come into this world and they have been faithfully protecting me 24/7. I discovered in the book of Daniel (chapters 7-12) and Numbers in the Jewish Bible, Rabbahof, the true names of the four guardian angels here on Earth. These guardian angels of the throne are: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. The book of Revelation (7:1) describes how the four guardian angels protect and watch over the four corners of the Earth.

I became excited and deeply inspired by these scriptures after much prayer and research. As I listened, the Lord revealed to me how I was protected by His guardian angels.

The rest is history, a striking revelation to me. Before that, angelic protection never even crossed my mind.

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  1. I grew up with guardian angels as part of home and school. Then I wrote books about a guardian angel cat. But more seriously, I suspect most of us would have to agree either that we’re cursed or we’re cared for – being cared for offers a much more inspiring point of view. Thank you for reminding me.

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