The Nest

This nest suddenly appeared in our Rose of Sharron.  If you look very carefully you can see two babies in it.  I didn’t want to get any closer to them because the mother robin wasn’t too far away.  I didn’t want to get dive-bombed.  But she just watched as if knowing that I wouldn’t hurt her babies.  This bush happens to be right outside our sun room window.  It’s neat watching the mother feed them.  They are very quiet, not like wrens who are noisy when being fed.  I try not to disturb this nest and will walk all the way around the house when I water my garden.  I hope to see them when they fly for the first time.  I will feel sad to see them go, unlike when your own children leave the nest.  Ha. Ha.Pictures from phone 033.jpg

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  1. I have a blue bird box in front, next to our garage door. Blue birds nest anywhere from twice to three time each year. I knew the birds had already nested earlier in the spring. I cleaned the box out because they won’t nest in an old nest. I hadn’t seen the blue birds for awhile, so I opened the box and saw another nest. Thinking it was an old nest, I began to pull it out only to see three blue eggs in the nest. I panicked and pushed it back into the box, closed the door and latched it. This morning I saw the female blue bird fly out of the box. I won’t look again until I’m certain the babies have all taken flight. I love birds. I especially love to watch blue birds. Last year, in another box, I watched the mom carry out what looked like little white sacks. As a matter of fact, I learned, they were little white sacks of waste as the mom cleaned the nest. Nature is full of surprises if you take the time to watch. Enjoy your birds!

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