Raising The Roof

137My husband raised the roof.  Or should I say he raised the roof of his shed/workshop.  He took a saw and cut the walls all the way around.  With the help of my brother, they used two jacks and slowly lifted the roof another 19 in.  I was at work at the time but they told me that they almost lost the roof.  I can picture them both being squished under the beams.  But they managed to save themselves and hurriedly nailed  2x4s  in place.  Now the shed has new shingles and is painted red (which looks pink sometimes, depending on the sunlight).  My husband made new doors for it and put in two tinted windows which makes it look like a horse barn.  Next, my husband plans on adding a lean-to on the back to store garden tools and flower pots.

The wiring is up to date.  More lighting was put in.  All the important saws are plugged in.  Now my husband can putter out there to his heart’s content.  He is proud of his workshop, and he should be.  He rebuilt it all by himself, except when my brother helped him with the roof.  I look forward for all the birdhouses, carts and wagons he plans on building.



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2 responses to “Raising The Roof

  1. Your husband and brother did a great job. Bravo!

  2. Looks like a good bit of roof raising. I imagine some beautiful items will follow.

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