DIY? Because You Can – Chelsea Bolt

531253_2711451522926_97376076_nIt’s summertime. You know what that means? A summer job. So here I am, working at a hardware store. Why a hardware store? Why not take a job related to your major? Valid questions, mom. I have a plan, I swear.

I like to consider myself a handy person. Oil changes, broken toilets, laying hardwood floor, and crafting a lightsaber are some of the talents I have acquired over the years. If something’s broken, I’m stubborn enough to refuse help so that I can fix it on my own. This stubbornness has resulted in the occasional accident. Thankfully I still have all of my fingers.

While I say that DIY is something I’m passionate about, I understand that not everyone has the knack for it. This is most certainly something I have learned during my first few days meandering the aisles of a hardware store. Even I am befuddled when someone comes in asking where the ¼” double axle PVC glue is, and the best part, which I would recommend. This is when I realized I’m not an expert. There is always more to learn. Being willing to learn from others is mandatory in the hardware store. You have to be an effective communicator to get an idea for how the project would best be completed. Granted, not everyone wants to get advice from a college girl, but hey, that’s why we need feminism. {Beyoncé’s entire Lemonade album plays joyously in the background}

So here’s my challenge to you: step out of your comfort zone. That may present itself in a manner of ways. You could hollow yourself out a nice canoe, or you could simply talk to that person you’ve secretly thought is the coolest human being in the world. Go for it.

Chelsea Bolt is an Indigo Sea Press author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites:


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2 responses to “DIY? Because You Can – Chelsea Bolt

  1. Funny that I read your blog just now. I did step out of my comfort zone and went to Prom the Saturday before last. I wore a dress, yes, a dress. And I allowed my closest friend and her mother apply make up to my face and do my hair. And guess what? I actually DANCED. And I wasn’t half bad.
    Ya never know until ya try it.

  2. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone, editing and formatting for a couple of other authors. But you’re right; it’s exciting and fun, researching and resolving my way through new mysteries.

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