Dance To The Aurora Borealis

I want to dance

to the Aurora Borealis

I want to sing

the sad song of the loon

I want to twirl

on the tops of the white pine

and skim the air over frozen rivers

I want to touch

the blue-green sky

and feel the rhythm

of a soundless beat

I want to blindly float

over the hard rocks

on the soles of my bare feet

I want to ride

on the back of a polar bear

and steal a kiss from a seal

I want to fly with the biting wind

and swim with the biggest whale

I want to run free

with the wolves at my heel

If I could do these

how happy I’d feel


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6 responses to “Dance To The Aurora Borealis

  1. jonna ellis holston

    That was lovely and…. take me with you!

  2. I loved your poem, Sherrie. I too would like to go with you!

  3. Ernesto Patino

    Wonderful poem…very touching.

  4. Me too please! Lovely.

  5. Okay, let’s all go! Can’t wait!

  6. I love wolves! That line is my favorite!! I would love to come as well

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