Time Is Flying By by Linda Lindsly

Garden Rock Wall

Garden Rock Wall

Time is flying by these days. where has April gone?  Joe and I cleaned out the garage and the attic trying to get junk out of the house to sell at our yard sale.  The yard sale, by the way ,was a success.  Now we just need to gather more things and stuff and have another one !  In the meantime I have a lot of gardening to do in my yard like getting weeds out before they overtake everything .  Longing to plant some annuals but not sure if we’ll have another frost in May .  So I postpone the idea and in the meantime I  move rocks ,dig out weeds and repair my rock wall behind the garden .  Repairing the wall is a big deal. I have to go and buy cement and get a few more rocks.  Then, I have to load them up in the wheel barrel, push  to the area that needs repairing  (which is all the way back in the garden) ,pull out the cement mixer  and lift the heavy bags of cement into the mixer and stack the rocks and fill with cement to hold it all together .  I’m tired just writing about it ! Oh, but when it is finished, it’s spectacular. My cats love to walk the wall and sometimes take a nap on it. They also sit up on the wall and hunt their prey from above.  The song “Summertime”, you know, where the Livin’ is easy , is anything but.  So right now I’m just going to relax for a while and enjoy all the spring blooms and plan to do the work later.

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  1. Relaxing sounds good after reading all that!

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