Going Pro(crastinator): Chelsea Bolt


Me casually sleeping on a stack of band-aids. Not sure if it’s poetic, or if it even makes sense here.

It’s 11:00pm on Thursday. I have just completed one of the many papers that set the tone for Finals Week. The most terrifying part? I spent the better half of the day playing the opening song to Robin Hood on guitar, watching YouTube videos about cooking pastries with fancy cooking appliances I don’t have, and most importantly, avoided writing a paper in APA format until about an hour ago. I’m fine. I guess I’m just a pro procrastinator. It’s a talent and a curse. I always seem to finish assignments on time, but I just can’t seem to plan to work on an assignment until the deadline is threateningly close. What can I say? I like to live on the edge.

Finals week is extremely overrated. Maybe it is more important than I give it credit for, but eh. I just don’t have the patience to worry about it. If I haven’t learned what needs to be learned by now, I never will. That may seem like I don’t value learning, but I truly do. I consider myself a wealth of unnecessary knowledge. Naturally, I opt to occupy my time with other activities. This may include binge watching the entire series of Parks & Recreation, which surprisingly got me threatening looks in the library. Shocker. Another pastime I have adopted is throwing my nauseating amount of cheery optimism onto every zombie-like person I see on campus. My favorite form of doing this is singing a random Disney song to a friend as they walk to one of their finals. I still don’t have shame. If at least one person smiles, I’ve done my job. Do me a favor this finals week season, take a deep breath and stop harshing my mellow. Or better yet, sing a song to someone if they’re having a rough day.

I swear that I take my education seriously. Stay in school, kids.

Chelsea Bolt is an Indigo Sea Press author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites: 





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2 responses to “Going Pro(crastinator): Chelsea Bolt

  1. I see you’re a “Bottom line” kind of gal, Chelsea. Whatever works! 🙂

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