Who would you be?

We’ve all thought what it would be like to be someone else. Or, at least most of us.

Do you know who you would choose to be? Me, well, that’s easy. I’d be someone in one of my stories. But who? I have so many characters that I could choose from. I probably would choose a wolf character, since I love wolves so much.

Actually, since my stories are still works in progress, how about I choose someone in someone else’s story? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a half-created world.

Hmm, well, it’d certainly be someone with super powers… Someone with an amazing world. But then, I’d be stuck for hours trying to choose someone. So, do me a favor and tell me who you would be so I can make my decision. Oh, and why would you be that person? Fictitious character or real person, anyone, who would you be?


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7 responses to “Who would you be?

  1. I think you’ve caught me in a serious mood. I’d like to be Mary at the feet of Jesus, but I’d probably end up being Martha in the kitchen instead.

  2. Hi Abigail, currently working on book where I’m a secret gov’t agent, teach middle school and have to deal with alien children. I also have cool weapons (stunner, anti-grav beam, etc.). Can you imagine Alien students? Ask any teacher. 😉

  3. I’d be Lyndsie in my new book, Sweet William. 🙂

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