Why it’s So Terrifying to Grow Up: Chelsea Bolt


Hello world. Leave me alone. Don’t make me a cog in a machine. Please don’t make me complete mundane tasks. What? I can’t wear my Superman cape here? Really? I can’t just sing a song as I walk down the street? I don’t want people to think I look angry everywhere I go. Can I smile? I just want to be a kid. Let my imagination run wild.

The world is knocking on my door. I sit in my Star Wars t-shirt, hiding in the dark, hoping it’ll give up and leave me be. I can only keep this charade up for a few more years. Graduation is quickly approaching and professional development is rearing its ugly head. I had to go and buy teacher clothes. UGH. I am not a fashionista, but for the love of all that is well and good, is there a better way to know what to wear? Women’s fashion strikes fear into my heart. I never know what it in season or out of season; I still like to wear a denim jacket regardless. The only way I could manage to survive the trip was to sprinkle in a few ugly seasonal sweaters to amuse my future students, God bless their souls.

Let me be clear, I am not immature. Never have been. I respect people and don’t belittle anyone for my amusement. That’s not what I’m trying to keep going. I am fighting for wonder and imagination. Reckless love. All the things that make childhood great. Those powerful investigations in order to understand the beautiful wonders of the world are worth chasing. Giving up just because money makes the world go round, the thought makes my stomach churn. I am not saying that living as a struggling artist is ideal, but it is still okay to dream. Dream for a better tomorrow or imagine what you could do to change even just one person’s life.

Love is another thing we seem to lose as we are swallowed up by this world. Remember that kid that was your best friend in grade school? You know the one, the one that stood up for you, the one that laughed with you, the one that loved you. Chances are, you loved them too. Remember how much you cared? That dog. The dog that captured your heart before you even knew how much a canine and a kid could love each other. Why do we throw away that love when we grow up? It’s better to feel pain than to feel nothing at all. Love. Laugh. Be a kid.

Chelsea Bolt is an Indigo Sea Press author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites: 





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2 responses to “Why it’s So Terrifying to Grow Up: Chelsea Bolt

  1. As I am still a teenager, almost an adult age-wise, this blog has hit me. Five months is all I have left to be a kid and then its off to Oklahoma to start my basic training in the army. That means growing up. That means adulthood. That means the start of the rest of my life. I feel as though time is slipping by too fast and I’m excited and nervous but I refuse to stop being a kid. Even when I am done with high school and moving on to the rest of life, I will find time to laugh, love, imagine and dare to reach for my dreams. Thank you, Chelsea Bolt, you have put a smile on my face today.

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