Love This Weather

So far we had a mild winter.  Yesterday, we hit over eleven degrees Celsius.  The snow had melted with the previous day’s rain.  I went outside, looking for crocuses that I planted in the front yard last fall.  Didn’t see any; which is probably a good thing.  They are calling for more snow next week and a drop in temperature.

I love winters like this.  this way I don’t have to drive through blizzards to get to work.  Unlike some of you who are reading this.  I know that the people who suffered through the worst winter in decades are probably swearing at me right now.  I sympathize.  I’ve been there.  But it seems to me that the weather patterns are all screwed up.  People who have never seen snow before are getting two or three feet of it.  Hurricanes and tornadoes seem to be more violent, and more frequent.  The oceans are rising, causing flooding in new areas.

The last two winters we had been hit hard, with tons of snow.  Blizzards and so forth.  It makes this one a blessing.  But as I look out my window at the spring-like day, I can’t help but wonder what is in store for us later down the road.  Sure, this winter is what I would order, if I had the power.  (There I go again, probably upsetting avid skiers, snowmobilers, and snowman builders.)

Wiarton Willie predicted six more weeks of winter.  If the rest of the winter is like this, then I wouldn’t mind.  But, he is the only one.  All the rest of the groundhogs say that we are in for an early spring.  Either way, I can’t wait to get out into the garden.  The last couple of days has given me spring fever.

For those of you who are buried under a mountain of snow, just keep in mind that your groundhog said that you’ll get an early spring. And that our forecast is calling for snow squalls for the next three days.


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2 responses to “Love This Weather

  1. Our weather forecast is easy – if not raining carry your umbrella; if raining use it.

  2. I’d rather have rain than snow, any day.

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