When it all condenses at once

Have you ever had a time when you’ve neglected to read for a very, very long while? Whether you’ve been too busy, too swamped with other tasks, engaged in a different activity or whatever the reason it may be, but you just haven’t gotten around to settling down with a good book.

Well, I went through such a time. Senior year is a busy, busy one. I’ve been too busy with homework, projects and of course the finals (that I hopefully passed, 90% sure I did) for first semester. On top of that, I’ve been busily writing my second book ‘Gates of Destruction’. Whenever I have had time to myself I’ve spent it writing/typing up songs or typing up things I’ve been meaning to type up.

Since we lucky students got an unexpected four days off because of snow (which was a much welcomed mini-vacation) I got around to sitting down with a good book in hand. and it had me hooked.

I could not put it down and even though it was late at night, I could not close it. After every chapter I finished soaking up, I told myself, “Okay, okay, it’s late and I need to go to sleep. I should probably stop here and pick it up tomorrow night.” But what did I do? Instead of listening to myself, I turned the page and kept on reading. The characters felt so real to me that about three times during my reading I nearly flung the book across my room in anger, frustration or sorrow. I couldn’t do that, though I wanted to at the moment very much. Everyone was already asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up.

It was about 4:30 in the morning when I read the last page and stared at the book accusingly, silently scolding it for finishing and not having the next in the series to continue on. When I finally climbed into bed I was itching to have the next one in my hands.

It’s like all that I hadn’t read condensed into that one reading period. I felt satisfied to have enjoyed the book so much. Sometimes, things all condense into one moment.





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2 responses to “When it all condenses at once

  1. Some books will keep me from eating, speaking, and writing, but I haven’t found anything yet that can keep me from sleep.

    • The one that kept me from sleep was one of the first ones to do so. I’m nearly finished reading the rest of the series. I haven’t found anything to keep me from eating, though~. 🙂

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