The Accounting

KoolauI don’t really think of myself as a poet, but sometimes when I’m just sitting looking at the mountains or the ocean thoughts just come to me; quite often in rhyme and meter. Because I always have a notebook and pencil with me I jot down those thoughts and smooth them out a little when I get home.

accounting-calculator-9-1241870-1600x1200The Accounting
Paul J. Stam

I look to the peaks and I see the glory,
I notice the trees and I hear the story.
You may not think I hear God’s voice
But how one meets God is a personal choice.

I walk a trail through trees, ferns and brush.
A breeze breaks through with a spiritual rush,
And I stopped right there to hear what is said.
Wanting to know what is living or dead.

Breathing alone does not make up your life,
There are breathers who spread discord and strife.
Avoid them as much as you possibly can,
For clinging to love is the far better plan.

And when at the end you must give an account
You won’t impress God by how loud you shout.
For the hurting did you have a kind word?
Or said you things that shouldn’t have been heard?

It’s not all about how much you can get,
Or if in this life you are very well set,
But with the hungry did you share your bread,
And say the kind things that had to be said.

There are some pious who are meaner than sin
Who hate you for not going to church they’re in,
Don’t let them tell you you are wrong
Just because you don’t sing their song.


Wishing you all the best and Aloha – pjs/


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2 responses to “The Accounting

  1. Wonderful poem, Paul!!! God certainly spoke to you!

  2. A nice poem, and whoever was receiving your communications heard all the right words.

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