The Ditch

A story in the paper during the Holiday Season was the basis for my writing this poem.

DitchThe Ditch
Paul J. Stam

Beside the flowing drainage ditch,
The little child sleeps.
The sitting mother seldom smiles,
And very often weeps.

A block away the K-Mart lot
Is filled with shiny cars.
A child with a brand new toy,
Has no apparent scars.

In the lot the Christmas trees
Have all just gone on sale.
That means nothing to this hungry child,
Fevered, sick and pale.

The scrawny tree gives little shade,
Nor protection from the rain.
Pretty words are little help,
To an abandoned mother’s pain.

The wall behind is strong and stout
Shielding from prying eyes.
Well made to keep the bullies out,
Muffling a hungry child’s cries.

Paradise the place is called,
With mountains to the sea.
Tourist drop money everywhere,
But not at the scrawny tree.

Fear is now the rule of day,
Behind that concrete wall.
Fearing what they will say,
And maybe take her child away.

There is no help from anywhere,
From State or Church or man.
They reprimanded her before.
She’s done the best she can.

Beside the flowing drainage ditch,
The sitting mother weeps.
The child clutched to her breast,
Is at peace in eternal sleep.

She will be charged with child neglect,
With abuse and a whole lot more.
Careful how you judge another,
Who had more than she could bear.

Can there be one whose heart is torn,
By her plight and that of others?
The responsibility for her is ours,
Who are her sisters and her brothers.


Love, Peace and Aloha – pjs/


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2 responses to “The Ditch

  1. Beautiful poem, Paul. So sad.

  2. Sisters and brothers may squabble, but we should still protect and support… and care. Sad poem with a wise message. Thank you.

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