Sales and Thanks – by Calvin Davis

mealWhat is Thanksgiving to most of you? A family gathered around a table or two? One stuffed turkey? Four kinds of pies? A time of looking around at those whom we love and feeling good they’re in our lives?

Or is the day merely the precursor to Black Friday sales, a time to bolt into a department store to grab the cheapest flat screen TV? A time when the local newspapers us so filled with glossy ads you have to get the next door neighbor, a professional linebacker, to help you drag yours into the house? Or you email box filled with tempting sale ads?

Have I described the Thanksgiving season correctly?

Sadly, I fear I have. All of which begs the question, “How many of us appreciate the bounty of our good lives?” Probably very few, me included. We are creatures of habit. After awhile, we take things for granted. Try this: Imagine your food disappears, the roof over your head vanishes, your car is history, your job is bye-bye, grocery stores have no inventory, and banks are shuttered. Get the picture? Panic Time!

So, this year before you ravage the turkey, think about the things mentioned above. If you do, you’ll appreciate Thanksgiving–perhaps for the first time.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and blessings.








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2 responses to “Sales and Thanks – by Calvin Davis

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It was a new and alien feast day to us when we arrived in the States. Black Friday seemed, and still seems even more alien, and thoroughly scary.

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