Back to the Future: The Future is Now the Past- Chelsea Bolt

Great Scott! Guess what day it is? It is actually the day that Marty McFly traveled to. Call up all your sad, pitiful, pop culturally unaware Facebook friends and inform them that finally, it is the day to geek out about possibly the greatest 1980’s time travelling movie trilogy. Also, be sure to wear some crazy 2015 Back to the Future Part II gear (or at least your dad’s old hammer pants) because the future is now. Well, I mean things could be a little more awesome I guess, or were things a little better in the past? What about the present? Is anybody living in the now?

That is question that forever eludes the human race. Romanticizing the past is so intriguing, painful, and wonderful. Music grabs this idea and wildly runs with it. A song usually evokes emotion, with or without lyrics. What makes it truly interesting is the fact that past experiences tend to come to mind while listening to a truly masterful piece. Fascinatingly, people tend to attach music to moments in their lives, which once again brings about the sense of reminiscing on the past. Of course other forms of media effectively evoke emotions from their audiences, but music just has a way of weaving its art into the human experience.

This is something that the movie industry understands well, because when picture combines with sound there is so much that preys on human emotion. Interestingly enough movies speak in such a way that not only taps into the past, but also encourages and pushes technology and the human race forward. Let amend that statement by saying when used expertly and properly, films can achieve great feats. Inspiration from the experiences, trials, and imaginations of extraordinary and ordinary people are displayed and realized through this medium. Why do you think people are going so crazy about October 21st, 2015? Back to the Future Part II. A film created by the hands of Robert Zemeckis and brought to life by Michael J. Fox. This film trilogy did a spectacular job of bringing to life the idea of dwelling on the past, hoping for the future, and of course creating a slew of mind bending prophecies to fulfill on this day.

Chelsea Bolt is a Indigo Sea Press author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites:

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  1. Now I’m wondering if I can find time to watch the trilogy again. Intriguing post. Thank you.

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