No-o-o-o-o! Scary October by Sheila Deeth

It’s only the middle of October yet. No-o-o-o! Not October! How did it get to be October, when it doesn’t even feel like September, and surely should still be July. I’m counting months by monthly blogposts now, and getting later preparing them every time.

So, it’s October: The month of frights and terrors and cold nights and foggy mornings and … blazing sun? I cut the grass today and felt like melting before it was done.

It’s October: The month of ghoolies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night; but I think, whatever it is, it’s still hiding under the eaves; I don’t think it’s found its way into the roofspace yet, for all that it’s trying.

It’s October: The month when the trees dress in robes of glorious scarlet and gold; the oaks cast their acorns; the birds carry nuts to the roof and deposit them loudly below; the drain blocks up with acorn pieces; the rain threatens to puddle as far as the door and invite itself in; I rake the leaves, then weed and cut more grass, and feel like melting before it’s done.

It’s October. Our local writing group gave us the prompt SCARE ME for this month’s contest. I listened to the scary rustling of leaves and wrote the following (a hundred word drabble), but what did it mean?

The trees whispered louder that year, leaves drought-dried and scorched by burning heat. Jerlyn thought they were warning her of monsters underneath, but Mom scorned her fears.

The night of her birthday, rustling shouted louder than the opening of presents, but friends were there so Jerlyn pretended not to care. When Mom went upstairs from the basement and didn’t return, Jerlyn followed, but fell back crying; the doorknob burned her hand. No one believed her though. They watched another movie till the power went out.

In the morning, ash covered the ground like snow. Sentinel trees stood silent all around.

Comments from fellow writers in the contest range from global warming to lethal moms. I’d love to know what scary scenario you think was haunting me.

Sheila Deeth is the author of Divide by Zero – a tapestry of lives torn apart by a breaking thread. Her second novel, Infinite Sum, should be released soon – watch this space! And she’s frantically trying to finish up the third while working on the fourth. Subtraction and Imaginary Numbers will soon be real, she hopes.


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3 responses to “No-o-o-o-o! Scary October by Sheila Deeth

  1. Perhaps, awareness tragically ignored. Often we deny our senses and intellect out of misguided fear. Was your emotional self expressing the loss of precious time?

    • That makes a lot of sense. My physical self has just got back from an incredible vacation, so I think that emotional side is feeling calmer now – just in time for Halloween.

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