It’s Celebration Time – Again

                                  by Coco Ihle

In trying to decide what to write about this month, I moseyed over here to the Second Wind Blog site, scrolled down the right hand column to Categories and down to my name, clicked, and brought up the Archive of all my posts since my book, SHE HAD TO KNOW came out in April, 2011. I was astounded to learn that my blog post last month was my fiftieth for Second Wind Publishing! As I often say, Who’d a thunk it?!

For some, that’s not so many, but since I only blog once a month for my publisher, that means I’ve been here a while. I guest blog from time to time also, but this post is about my Second Wind blogs. Skimming through them brought topics as varied as writing hints and other ideas, discoveries, reminiscences of experiences, reports of travel, mourning losses, and just plain musings. In those monthly offerings I expressed joy and sorrow, surprise, wonderment, even fear and was so pleased when my readers contributed with comments, likes and e-mails.

It’s always nice when an author realizes that people actually enjoy reading their posts. I mean, we don’t get paid for doing it. It’s something like sharing our lives with other readers, for we are readers too. We exchange and connect with others even though we are sitting alone in front of a keyboard. It’s wonderful and I really enjoy it. And I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and have reconnected with people I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve also become acquainted with new-to-me authors, whose work I now admire and enjoy.

Blogging keeps me learning things I might not have been exposed to otherwise, both in technology and in everyday living. I would like to thank all of you out there who read my blogs and especially those of you who have given me feedback. I appreciate you all so much! And happy fifty-first to me!


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15 responses to “It’s Celebration Time – Again

  1. Renee Latty

    Hi to my “old” and long ago friend and neighbor! I love reading your blogs and am so grateful that our friendship has lasted soooo Looooooong! Perhaps we will meet again someday “in person”, but for now I intend to be your forever friend through the wonderful technology of today! Love and Hugs to my amazing friend!

    • Oh, gosh, Renee, you caught me unprepared for such a sweet comment. Thank you. I think you are the amazing one. You have such a zest for life and are always doing wonderful things for others. I think you and I are just big kids playing in life’s sandbox. 🙂

  2. And many more blogs to you too!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Diana

    I haven’t known you for along time but I hope we wil be friends for many years. Congradulations CoCo, keep on blogging.

  4. I guess I’m a mere beginner. I wonder how long I’ve been following your posts. I certainly enjoy them.

    • Thank you, Sheila. You are a faithful follower of many of us here at Second Wind and I, for one, certainly appreciate it. I always look forward to your posts, as well. Having been reared “across the pond” you give us such interesting perspectives to ponder. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations on this milestone. Has it really been that long? Wow.

    You’re truly a seasoned blogger now! Not just because of the number of posts and how long you’ve been blogging, but also because of how you have influenced us. Me, especially. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for the congrats, Pat. And thanks also for all your help over the years. You are truly a jewel, not only as a person, but also for Second Wind. I’ve only wanted to share my joy and I’m glad you have been able to share it with me. Bless you, my friend!

  6. I’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know you through your blogs, and your kind comments on my blog posts. 🙂

  7. Suzanne Baginskie

    I was out of the town for the greater part of September traveling. In one area of Tennessee, while visiting my best friend, Beverly there was no T-Mobile cellular power or Wifi. It seems AT&T reigned in that area. So I am late to the party. Congrats on your fiftieth blog and I wish you many more.

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