Pia Pucknucker: The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure

Cameron calling for his cat Braveheart
Cameron calling for his cat Braveheart

While awaiting for ” Pia Pucknucker :  The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure”  to be corrected and printed, I have decided to make Pia a series of mysteries and adventures.

In Pia’s next book, I’ll be introducing three new characters:  Cameron, Hank and Braveheart.  Cameron is Pia’s neighbor who lives across the street and has a cat named Braveheart.  Thumbelina wants to be Braveheart’s friend, but Braveheart runs away every time Thumbelina comes near him.  Braveheart is in reality quite a scardy cat!  Cameron enlists Pia for her help in finding Braveheart who took off into the woods behind his house.  Cameron knows Pia is a good PI (private investigator like her grandpa).  Soon, the whole neighborhood is  in on the hunt to find Braveheart.  Hank, is Lilly’s little brother.  He  is only three years old and follows Lilly everywhere and wants in on the search for Braveheart.  Hank also has a secret that he wants to share with everyone, but no one will take him seriously and listen to him.  In the meantime, the clock is ticking and Cameron is worried he will never see his Braveheart  again.  As Pia is desperate for answers, she realizes  she may have overlooked some very important clues along the way.

I’m looking forward to developing this story line as I sketch out my characters and scenes.  This book with have some twists and turns along the way that will excite Pia’s fans! I also plan to share more of my sketches in the blogs ahead.

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2 responses to “Pia Pucknucker: The Mystery Of The Indian Treasure

  1. Ooh, this sounds fun. And what great names and characters

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