Have it, Give it, Still Got it, by Carole Howard

Once upon a time, boys and girls, there was a magical place. Anyone who had enough of a thing could give some of it away to someone who didn’t have enough. The magic: as soon as the person gave it away, her supply would be replenished.

wand-clipart-canstock7512335Let’s say you had enough food to eat. More than enough, even. You could give some of it away to a family down the street that had fallen on hard times. As soon as you gave away a turkey, a bag of potatoes, milk, breakfast cereal, tomatoes and cookies, they were all replaced in your cupboard, exactly as they had been. A turkey for a turkey, a bag of potatoes…… well, you get the idea.

In this magical place, it also worked for clothing. (A tee shirt for a teeshirt, woolen socks for woolen socks.) Housing. (Have two houses? Give one away and it comes right back!) Books. Money. Anything you can think of. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to live?

Too bad things don’t really work that way.  Except…wait!  There is something that does.  Blood. You have enough blood. Some people don’t. Give away some of yours and your body replaces it. Simple. Magic? Not exactly.

My husband and I started donating blood about a year ago, and we now do it every 56 days, the maximum frequency allowed. It helps that we live ½ mile from the blood-donation trailer of our local hospital, yes, but I’d like to think we’d do it anyway. It’s so easy. It’s so valuable. We have plenty. Others need it. No-brainer, right?

It all started when my husband decided – don’t ask why, it’s a long story – he wanted to donate one of his kidneys to anyone who needed it, not necessarily a friend or relative. It’s called an “undirected donation.” We went through the process of having him tested, physically and emotionally. He and his kidney passed with flying colors.

In the end, though, I exercised my marital veto power. My reasoning was that, even though the statistics for the recuperation of donors were excellent, the statistical sample contained very few people his age. So we decided to help people in a different way: we donate blood and get our friends to do it, too.

Some problems are hard to solve, others easy. This one’s not rocket science: if you give some of your blood away, it’s replenished. No magic necessary.

Have you ever donated blood? Would you consider it?

*     *     *

Carole Howard is he author of Deadly Adagio, published by Second Wind Publishing.  She’s happy to give her blood away, and happy to get it (and the cookie!) back again.


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2 responses to “Have it, Give it, Still Got it, by Carole Howard

  1. Good for you, Carole, and your husband. Such a valuable gift!!!

  2. Thanks, Coco. The first time I ever tried to give blood was a long time ago, when I was in college, and they rejected me — because I didn’t weigh enough! Not a problem any more.

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