The Perfect Day

     On the perfect day, I’ll wake to the soothing sound of a birdsong outside

my window at dawn.  I’ll open my eyes, I’ll remember that it isn’t a work day;

no appointments or meetings or schedules to keep, no hustle and bustle.

     Before I am completely awake, I feel the warmth of my best friend lying next to

me, sleeping silently, contented.  I wake her with kisses, and we go out to our

deck and enjoy our favorite morning  cup, and the symphony at our feet.

     Afterwards, with nothing pressing, I’ll slide comfortably into

my easy chair, open my favorite novel, and devour the story.  I’ll be in a secret

world well into the afternoon.

     Putting down my book, I’ll see that my daughter has come into the

room, carrying my grandson, She’ll put him down next to me, and he’ll climb

onto my lap, give me a bear hug, and plant a big ‘ole wet one square on my cheek.

     After lunch, It’ll be off to my quiet space for a bit of meditation, where I

return to a place of serenity, deep inside.

     Afterwards, we’ll be back out on the deck, watching the sun hanging lazily in an

azure sky. Birds will continue their song, reminding me of the

interconnectedness of all creatures. There I’ll remain entranced by a

multicolored sunset, calling me to count my blessings.

     When nighttime’s allure finally beckons me to sleep, I’ll reach over to turn off

the bedroom light, and once again feel the love and security of my soul mate lying

beside me. Then I’ll smile to myself, knowing that today was that perfect day.

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