A Strong Four Letter Word: Hope – Chelsea Bolt


               Death. Famine. War. Despair. Hate. These thoughts and actions flood our newsfeeds and oversaturate our daily lives. Constant fighting and acts of violence seem to dominate our senses. Both in fiction and in reality the general public is constantly reminded of how bleak the world they live in is. In the fictional worlds of Hollywood, life and the future of our civilization is portrayed as a failure. In the very real world in my own state’s Charleston, a man opened fire in place that people should feel the most safe, a church. It was a tragic event. Lives will forever be changed because of that. I can’t say that our present day world is a bed of rose petals because it isn’t. Many tragedies have occurred, but it’s the reaction to these devastating events that truly matter. I don’t expect everyone to walk through life wearing rose colored glasses, but people must make a choice regarding the future: we can either choose to let the state of current events drag us down into the bottomless depths or choose to fight in the trenches to deliver ourselves a better tomorrow.

What I see in my own life has never been described as perfect, but I can certainly say that I am blessed. I have however experienced trials. The best example I have is my interesting family dynamic. It can be compared to a pack of peanut M&Ms: normal on the outside, but absolutely nuts on the inside. There is certainly more to my own life, it is more like a tangled spider web that you run into on an afternoon hike. I expect that most people’s lives also feel that way as well. Life is wonderful journey full of ups and downs. The valleys of life are the ones that teach you lessons and more importantly, mark you with battle scars. The reactions during and after the venture in the valley are what mold the future we want. In my own personal journey of life I have learned that there in order to have a happy and fulfilling life you have to use a strong four letter word: hope.

Hope is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Hope is what keeps me believing that tomorrow can always be bigger and brighter. Hope is what you want it to be. Take it wherever you go. Dream big and create the world you want to see.

Chelsea Bolt is a Second Wind author of the young adult novel Moonshine. For more information check out these sites: 




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  1. Just reading this made me feel a surge of renewed hope. Thanks.

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